Taco Tuesdays around the WCU campus

Life as a college student can oftentimes be a struggle in several ways. Your professor might not be great, you’re unsure of which classes you have to enroll in and you don’t know where the next place your going to eat is. Sure, there is Lawrence Dining Hall and Sykes Student Union, but how many meals can you eat within a week at these places? West Chester offers a plethora of eateries around town, and one of the most popular markets is Mexican cuisine.

Within the past few years, West Chester has seen a significant rise in Mexican restaurants. However, choosing the familiar Tex-Mex flavors of Chipotle—the go-to quick burrito supply for many college students—can oftentimes be on the pricey side, and who has that kind of money to spend anyway? No worries, there are several places in town that can meet the budget of any struggling college student.

The trick to finding any good food is to find the deals restaurants have to offer. In regards to Mexican food, Tuesday’s are the best day to get the bang for your buck. Taco Tuesdays, as some call it on the streets, have become a staple in the society of food lovers. Not only is the food delicious, but the check at the end of the meal might be even better. Taco Mar, a fairly new Mexican restaurant located at 314 S. High St., has become a very popular place to go since it opened earlier this past year. On Tuesdays, one can get as many as ten tacos, all for the price of only one dollar. You could buy dinner for two with some spare change from the coin jar and still dine like royalty.

Another place that so graciously provides Taco Tuesday specials is actually not a restaurant at all. Jitter’s Sports Bar, located at 146 W. Gay St., is every bar goer’s safe haven. A quaint and friendly hole-in-the-wall dive, Jitter’s appears next on the list. Not only can you get a few drinks with your meal from the bar, but also the tacos here are $1.50 a pop. “I love Jitter’s. Come here on weekends; try to get here after work on Tuesdays for the tacos. They’re delicious,” said West Chester local Aaron Cummings. Although it may be a little more expensive than Taco Mar, Jitter’s might be the place for you if you need a nice cold beer to wash down your tacos.

Unfortunately, not all places offer Taco Tuesday deals; however, there are still several other Mexican-inspired restaurants located throughout West Chester. One of the more popular spots is Jaco Taco and Juice Bar, located at 8 W. Gay St. With menu options ranging from tacos, breakfast burritos and quesadillas to açaí bowls, smoothies and freshly squeezed juices, Jaco is and has been a big seller around town and more than often lives up to the hype.

When it comes to Mexican cuisine, the list goes on and on. West Chester provides over 10 bars, restaurants and chain establishment that so kindly offer tacos. Some other suggestions to seek out at any time during the week would be Dona Linda Authentic Mexican Cuisine, Tlaxkalli Tortilleria, Burrito Loco and El Limón. Several of these places also deliver if you happen to find yourself feeling lazy that day.

Struggling to find good food deals as a college student is an art that one must learn to perfect. Throughout West Chester, restaurants offer a bounty of deals that help us find and discover new places, food and friends along the way, and with the help of apps such as GrubHub, the possibilities are endless.

Chris Sheehan is a fourth-year student majoring in professional studies with minors in  journalism and graphic design. CS873291@wcupa.edu

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