Letter from the Editor

Dear West Chester,

Stress is a very common currency in university life, and unlike real money, most students are comfortable comparing and contrasting their stress levels. It’s a level of metacommunication—discussing how much we discuss stress­­—that everyone encounters. I believe it’s a matter of relatability. Students from any major and any background can assuredly relate to this one topic: how much time we don’t have to spend for ourselves.

Stress is comparable to bacteria; there’s a hint of beneficial, life-saving good, mixed in with the awful and terrible. Stress has benefits. At the very least, it is an indicator to show you care for and are willing to fight for a certain task, responsibility or goal. We mostly see the negative aspects of stress in our university culture; when too much stress is tacked on top of itself, we as the foundation collapse under the weight. In short, stress is good in moderation.

I like to think I’m in a perpetual state of healthy stress with The Quad, which is extremely evident with this issue. All of our staff has poured their hearts into these 28 pages, and I believe the quality shines in both the content and formatting of our paper. I am especially grateful for the work of Samantha Walsh, our Assistant News Editor, as she provided the bulk of the investigative work for our front cover issue. I would also like to give a special shout-out to Andrew Heller, as this is his first week as a copy editor (and did a great job, to boot).

The Quad is in a state of constant promotion and investigation. We simultaneously want to highlight the best and brightest aspects of our university and community, but we also must discuss and illuminate the subjects which need change. At our core, we want to provide students a voice to discuss topics in their community they may feel otherwise powerless or afraid to. We hope this trend continues, and we hope our pieces lead to a better future of the university, in the capacity that we can.

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