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Dear West Chester,

Involvement Fair is the prime example of what college can be, and in many ways, the Academic Quad on September 5 served as the perfect metaphor to the university experience. Hundreds of clubs advertise their ideas and motivations, all the while giving out free (and usually practical) merchandise. Students squeeze past the dozens of tables surrounding our wonderful green oval, trying to reach their classes, and perhaps grabbing a free sticker along the way.

I am very happy to say that The Quad received a great deal of interested students. Whether for writing, photography or multimedia, I cannot wait to see what the newly invested students have to offer. As always, I have to slightly contain my anticipation, and apply my “2/3”s rule of Involvement Fair (that is, you will never hear from 2/3s of the people who signed up).

I personally remember when I signed up for 11 organizations on campus my first year, and I still proudly receive emails from the seven I have never attended. To all of those who signed up with The Quad, I cannot wait to see what you bring to our journalistic table.

I’d like to take this time to congratulate Shannon Solley; this is her first week officially working as a copy editor, and she has already provided a good deal of AP insight (as well as almond milk and chocolate powder for our coffee). Please take a gander at the newly designed subsections from News, made by John Bilcik. (I particularly love the Weird News banner.)

As for what is in store this week, our articles span many different directions; whether you’re looking for a student’s perspective studying abroad, a deeper look at the involvement fair, discussions on national politics or a dive into how folklore and modern entertainment intersect, we have it. I hope you enjoy this issue, and I hope your semester is going well!


Max James


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