Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Students in West Chester have many unique opportunities for jobs on and off campus. I have the privilege of having not one, but two off campus jobs. I have been at the public library since my fall semester of freshman year, and since this summer, I have been working at a restaurant in town.

As a junior, trying to balance class, work, friends and getting in enough coffee (insert shameless Saxbys plug here) has been a challenge. However, most places that hire us college kids understand the stress and academic obligations we have.

If you are looking for a job, take a walk around town, talk to your friends or honestly just google “jobs near me.” Working in town has offered me the opportunity to meet new people and interact with my peers in a completely unexpected way.

The library has helped me gain valuable customer service experience, and the restaurant has introduced me to so many other students that I would have never met.

Just because I love my jobs does not mean they are without their challenges. My roommates have heard many, many stories which they have lovingly dubbed “Library Horror Stories.” Over the three years I have been at the library, my experience with patrons has varied from wonderful and heartwarming to leaving me crying in the bathroom.

The most important thing to remember when working—with anyone—is to remember to find something funny in a crappy situation. Please enjoy some of my most horrifying stories and  some stories that helped me realize that I love my job.

During my first week in the library, I cleaned up a grown man’s poop. Let me give you the play-by-play. Man comes through the door, goes up the stairs, walks around the children’s library and poops. ON THE FLOOR! Yes, I had to clean it up. It was a great start to my employment! I have been spat on, yelled at, insulted… but those hard moments make the happy ones so special.

“I’ve bonded with so many sweet regulars, and it’s always a joy when I run into them in town.”

Around Christmas time last year, a little boy who came regularly with his mom gave me a Christmas card and chocolate. I’ve bonded with so many sweet regulars, and it’s always a joy when I run into them in town.

I’m new to working in the restaurant, but so far, I’ve had a great experience. Most of my coworkers are students, and I’m so grateful to be able meet new people. Also, there are SO. MANY. DOGS!

If you’re considering getting a job, I say do it. As students, we are already so busy; but having a job is not only monetarily rewarding, but also allows for unique experiences! Some days will be hard and some days will be easy; you just have to find the good in everything.

Enya Lucas is a third-year student majoring in English. ✉

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