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Letter from the Editor

Dear West Chester,

I witnessed a deluge of leaves fall onto High Street and quickly realized that my last summer as an undergraduate was coming to an end. There’s definitely a nostalgic feeling to this, but also one of excitement and anticipation. I cannot wait for my fourth and final year at West Chester University, and I cannot wait to see what my classmates, peers and friends accomplish as they continue their journeys.

Likewise, to the first-years and transfer students who have experienced their first official week at West Chester, I welcome you, and cannot wait to see where your journey takes you. Many of my sentiments remain similar to those from the summer issue, but I have a tendency to repeat myself. Firstly, remember that your journey is your own. Your struggles are your own, your battles are your own. No one’s life path negates yours, and there is no monopoly on success. Second, there is no timeline to find your place. Some people fall into friends they keep for life in the first day; others may take longer, and there is no problem in that. You can take the time you need.

I cannot imagine continuing this letter without expressing my gratitude for the editorial board of The Quad. Their diligence and enthusiasm is perfectly punctuated with the recent Labor Day holiday, and their dedication to journalism shone through this issue. Publishing before the Involvement Fair, with the partial reason of reaching out to new students, served as a perfect motivator. I would also like to create an official welcome to our new social media manager, Becca Boyle, as she creates our “aesthetic brand” over multiple platforms.

Overall, The Quad is fully embracing their name as the “news service” of West Chester University. We are expanding our reach of news to a broad range of multimedia assets (thanks to multimedia editor Sunny Morgan). This includes podcasts (affectionately titled Quadcasts), video production, broadcasting and photography, as well as keeping traditional article newswriting. We also work as a “service”; our primary job is to paint an accurate and clear picture of West Chester University, the surrounding areas, and national news that affects all students. We hope to serve by letting students share their voice.

Welcome Back!


Max James


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