West Chester students are back for the fall 2018 semester, which means it’s time to hit the books, join a dozen clubs and jam pack the schedules with new events and activities. In addition to West Chester’s food and coffee selections, “Saxbys,” a new coffee shop on the corner of South High Street and Linden, recently opened up for the new semester. Saxbys is an American chain restaurant, with its headquarters located in Philadelphia, PA. Opening in 2005, the chain originally filed for bankruptcy in 2009 after facing numerous lawsuits from other chains, claiming the owner owed them money. Despite this, shops continued to open in Center City, Philadelphia and beyond, including openings on the University of Pennsylvania campus. The West Chester University location opened on Aug. 6, 2018.

Saxbys will be the third coffee shop to open on campus. Joining EcoGrounds and Starbucks as a place for baked goods and other caffeinated drinks, it offers a large seating area for students and other customers to sit and drink and do homework on site. Four long tables are situated in the main seating area with two smaller tables near the back and a medium-sized table by the counter. Menu items include hot tea, “exclusive drinks” featuring a Maple Bourbon Latte, bagels and toast, smoothies and much more. Muffins, crumb cake and dried fruit snacks are also offered. Saxbys offers classic coffee and espresso beverages, hot or iced, with a special “‘cold brew collection,”’ serving up flavors such as salted caramel, sweet mint, milk and honey, and vanilla bean.

Their menu offers similar selections as Starbucks, which has coffee, espresso, tea, Frappuccinos, and refreshers with its signature fall drink, the Pumpkin Spice latte. While Starbucks is located closer to the library on campus, where many students choose to study between classes, Saxbys remains close enough to the Academic Quad that it is already become a location of choice for students and West Chester residents alike. Currently, Saxbys accepts cash, credit, debit cards, and Ram Bucks. West Chester University business and marketing majors can also academic credit towards their degree by working at the location.

“I love their salted caramel cold brew,” Kirsten Magas, a third year at West Chester University, noted about the restaurant.

“I would definitely say that the environment of Saxbys is very relaxed. It’s obviously a cafe-styled place. It doesn’t have the business of a restaurant. It’s very similar to a Starbucks where you can just sit down and read the newspaper and have a cup of coffee.”

Saxbys is currently accepting applications for new hires at saxbyscoffee.com. They are located on 702 S. High St. West Chester, PA.

Molly Dale is a second-year student majoring in Spanish and minoring in French. ✉ MD886782@wcupa.edu.

Sam Walsh is a third-year student majoring in special education and English with a minor in autism studies. ✉ SW850037@wcupa.edu.

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