College is too cheap


Lucky enough for me, my first year at West Chester University was covered by my wonderful mother’s savings account she started when I was just a year old. Eighteen years of savings. Eighteen years covered one year at West Chester University—and that is more than enough.


Back at home, I had the option to enjoy the luxuries of home-cooked meals, cuddle with my puppy whenever I chose and save myself from tens of thousands of dollars of debt. That life just seemed too easy. I just had to have the college experience of surviving off of ramen and sleeping in dorm room the size of my rich aunt’s closet, but not nearly as nice. After taking out a $10,000 loan for my sophomore spring semester alone, I don’t regret a single thing.


I personally think I should owe the University more money. There’s so much more the University doesn’t account for in the breakdown of tuition. I don’t think the thousands of dollars I pay in the category of “general fees” covers the priceless experience I’ve gotten to have at West Chester University. Meal plans are such a steal—and for the quality of the food we have here on campus!


I look at the hundreds of dollars spent on textbooks I’ll never open as expressions of gratitude for receiving such a fine education. By fine education, I mean a four-year shower of stress caused by the pile-up of too much planned, not enough time in the day. However, the more stress I’m under, the more visits I have with the therapy dogs. I look at each bill for room and board as another lovely paycheck to the residence hall that follow up on work orders a month after you file one.

You don’t deserve to be at college if you’re not in debt and working an exhausting part-time job you get paid minimum wage for. College students need to know the struggle like the generations before us did, in the age where you could work a part-time job in the summer and have the entire year paid for, in the age where you didn’t even need to go to college to have a career making a livable wage.

Us young kids these days are so entitled. How dare we think we deserve affordable education! After graduation, we need to have a monthly payment as high as a second mortgage. College is just too accessible these days and we need to put a stop to it.

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