Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

Back in high school, going to get frozen yogurt was a pretty common after-school practice at Yapple or Top-it in my hometown of Levittown. I could almost hear teenage girl laughter from years ago while stepping onto the shiny, white-tiled floor and out of the rain.

A door opened behind the counter and a blonde girl wearing a black “Kiwi” visor greeted me. I plopped my backpack onto a green chair decorated with holes and proceeded to pick up a cup and help myself.

Kiwi is simply another frozen yogurt chain that offers a slightly healthier alternative to ice cream. If you didn’t know the difference between the two already, ice cream is required to have at least 10 percent milk fat to be labeled as such and frozen yogurt does not.

Flavors like birthday cake, chocolate, hazelnut and acai line the wall inside the restaurant. Along with the unique flavors, accommodations to nut allergies and vegans are also provided. I always appreciate when I have lots of options—and Kiwi also has lots of topping options like whipped cream, chocolate chips, gummy bears, fruits and my favorite: sprinkles.

Like the other fro-yo chains, Kiwi is self-serve and pay-by-the-ounce, meaning it’s only as pricey as you want it to be. I did not hold back with the rainbow sprinkles and, even so, I did not spend over five dollars. Kiwi is great for a quick, cheap treat—if you make it so. Not to mention that a Kiwi punch card allows you a free cup of frozen yogurt after you’ve purchased ten! I gladly accepted the offer to take one.

After I paid, the vendor handed me a brightly-colored spoon and I returned to the seat where I plopped my backpack to begin writing my thoughts. I wasn’t overly ‘wowed’ by the smooth frozen yogurt, but it was sweet and satisfactory. What I like about Kiwi is that although it’s exactly what I expected, it did not disappoint. The familiar is sometimes the best option.

For the duration of my time there, I could almost hear crickets. I was the only customer sitting at the round white tables and plastic chairs. But really, who else is craving frozen yogurt on a cold, rainy Friday at two in the afternoon? By the time I finished my cup, I was shivering. Maybe not the greatest idea to decide on a cold treat, but I regret nothing. The quiet was really peaceful. For any students taking classes over the summer, this might be a good study location to keep in mind.

Rating: 8/10.

Although Kiwi is my last stop on my adventure for the perfect treat this semester, it’s definitely not my final destination altogether. I’m not ready to stop exploring the sweet spots of West Chester.

Kirsten Magas is a second-year student majoring in English with minors in biology and creative writing. ✉

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