Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Dear West Chester,

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s that time we’ve all been waiting for: break! As the semester wraps up, I hope you’re all managing to stay on top of your school work and not go completely insane in the process. This semester seems to have been a stressful one for everybody, so take time this week to relax, spend time with friends and family and remind yourself what you’re thankful for.

As always, we have some great content in our publication this week! Check out Julien Sherwood’s piece on the mayoral election that just took place in West Chester on page three in news; spoiler: Dianne Herrin won with 72 percent of the vote (plus, voter participation showed a nice little increase from West Chester’s last mayoral race)! Maybe you heard about the terrible fire that ravaged Barclay Friends Senior Community—learn more on page two in news from Halle Nelson. Want to live until you’re 100? Read Maria Marabito’s piece on Dan Buettner’s theory about “blue zones” and how you, like these zones’ inhabitants, can live well into your old age on page nine in features.

You know what’s coming at this point: a shameless advertisement for our logo contest! This will be wrapping up the week after Thanksgiving break, so if you’ve been thinking about contributing, make sure you do so before it’s too late. Who knows, you may win some cool prizes and create your university newspaper’s official new logo!

Also if you’ve ever thought about writing for us, now’s your chance—we only have one issue left in the semester. One of my goals when coming into this position was to ensure that a wide range of voices all across campus found an outlet in which to articulate their opinions, viewpoints and perceptions. In that vain, I encourage as many of you to write as possible and be heard all across West Chester. If you have a burning opinion on politics, current events and the like, head on over to our op-ed editor. Maybe you’re part of a club you’re passionate about, attended a cool event or heard about an interesting concept/project: Reach out to our features editor! If you have a flare for unbiased reporting of current events both on campus and around the country, email our news editor. Passionate about an album, movie, video game, etc.? Head on over to our entertainment editor! Lastly, do you have a knack for sports and like reporting on both local and national events in the field? Email our sports guys. All contact info can be found in the respective section (Hint: It’s Quad[Section]@wcupa.edu). All students are highly encouraged to contribute regardless of academic discipline, beliefs and the like—make yourself heard.

Again, I hope this break finds you all well and allows you some downtime from your hec- tic semesters. Winter break will be rolling around before you know it, so make the most of the rest of this semester!

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