Does one of the most controversial questions have an answer? It is a question most appropriately asked around this time as the holidays are quickly approaching. When is the best time to start listening to Christmas music? Is there a perfect time or is this a question that will never have a concrete answer?

One person may prefer to listen to it every day of the year while the next person says only on Christmas Day. Interviews and polls have been taken to discover one simple answer.

Unfortunately, no specific answer has yet been found but many opinions are brought into play on this topic.

One opinion includes “Christmas music should be played right after Halloween.” People like this because it allows for two months of jolly music.

Then, there is the population that prefers not to listen until after Thanksgiving or even until Dec. 1.

Personally, that is the time I think is perfect. If Christmas music starts too early, it might not feel as special when Christmas is finally here.

Many people might disagree with me because even my own friends feel so differently about it. This question was brought up the other day while my friends and I were watching a Halloween movie; the four of us had three different opinions.

So, out of curiosity, I took it upon myself to take my own poll. With easy access to a wide variety of social media these days, this was not very difficult. All I had to do was pick up my phone and tweet.

I used the Twitter poll feature and entered three different options for my followers to choose from. The options included: all year, the day after Halloween and after Thanksgiving. Next, I made my question, “When is the best time to begin playing Christmas music?”

I allowed three days, 12 hours and 30 minutes for the poll to stay open starting on Tuesday, Oct. 31.

To spread the word, I told friends who told their friends and before I knew it the votes were rolling in. By the time the poll closed I received 229 votes.

The final results of the vote were not as I expected with 14 percent for all year, 21 percent for the day after Halloween and 65 percent for after Thanksgiving.

This may have been the outcome that many expected, however, I expected the day after Halloween to win because I hear that opinion often when this question is brought up.

However, the majority voted on the option which I prefer as well.

Even though after the Thanksgiving choice won on my poll, the questions remain unsolved. There very well may be no right answer to this question. Regardless of opinions, people are going to listen when they want and stores and radio stations will most likely begin to play Christmas music whenever they please.

If you ever need a conversation starter around the holidays, this may be a good question to ask.

Amanda Hearn is a first-year student with an undecided major. She can be reached at

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  • I’m voting for after Thanksgiving and it will be playing in my car on Black Friday as I head out to shop with my lovely daughter!

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