Dear West Chester,

Hello and happy November! With Halloween behind us and Daylight savings time settling in, it must mean the semester is wrapping up…or so one would hope. I know I’m personally swamped with assignments and tests left and right, but hey—five short weeks left! Plus, only two issues of The Quad left, so make sure to contribute this semester while you can.

Speaking of contributing, I’ll shamelessly advertise it yet again: Our logo contest is still going strong! Email up to five unique designs to for a chance to be the official creator of The Quad’s new logo and win a gift card (and maybe even a t-shirt with the logo on it! That one is still up in the air). Whether you’re a graphic design or history major, everyone is encouraged to participate. You are the voices we love hearing here at The Quad, so it makes sense that you design part of our new look.

We have a lot of stuff going on around The Quad, so stay tuned for many exciting new changes to come; in addition to the design of the paper, we’re looking to reform the positions available to student writers, so if you’re interested in getting more involved, now may be your chance. We’re also looking to further minimize the gap between our editorial staff and writers, so look out for some exciting events in the near future as well as some workshops.

As we’re renewing our look and social presence, check us out at @wcuquad on Instagram, @TheQuadWCU on Twitter and

As always, I wish you all the best of luck in your classes and endeavors as our semester goes on. If you’re struggling in your classes (as I know I sure am) just know that we’ve almost made it through another semester!

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