When I first saw his awful, ugly, goateed face on Fox News, I said to myself, “Who the hell is this belligerent, arrogant, condescending beast with nothing insightful or intelligent to say?”

I was certainly used to your run of the mill un-American gang of somehow-lovable-to Americans ethno nationalists, warmongers, racists and apologists for racists spreading nefarious political lies from Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Greg Gutfield and Kilmead on the fake news channel. But something vastly different and much more sure of the righteousness in its own evil and awfulness than I previously ever had seen across my hundreds of hours spent watching Fox News. Something that goes by the name of Sebastian Gorka.

Gorka likely broke the law by deliberately lying on his immigration forms regarding his sworn lifelong membership in a far right, anti-Semitic, Hungarian group with Nazi ties. He should immediately be fired from his taxpayer paid position as counter terrorism advisor and top aide to the president for the fact he is a Nazi and the fact he has had nothing peer reviewed published. Gorka is completely and totally unqualified for this role and his very presence makes Americans less safe because our leaders are listening to this unqualified, unpublished Nazi sympathizer.

The hate group is called Vitézi Rend, and as Bryan Logan noted in Business Insider on March 18, 2017 detailing Gorka, “is listed by the US State Department as having been ‘under the direction of the Nazi Government of Germany’ during World War II.”

The group was controlled by Hitler’s Nazis. So it is no stretch to call Gorka a Nazi. In an expose by online news outlet Forward, Gorka denies any allegations he was ever a member of the group and has said he wore the group’s medal as an homage to his father.

So his father was a full member of this Nazi group, what did his mother do? His mother worked as a translator for the most famous English Holocaust denier, David Irving. In 1989 Irving pled guilty in Austria of denying the Holocaust and was sentenced to jail.

We know this because Gorka had the gaul to wear the “Nazi controlled” group’s medal over the traditional uniform of this very group during the inaugural balls for new president. This audacity of wearing essentially a Hungarian Nazi outfit with a Nazi medal is essentially daring someone to catch him and do something about it. So Gorka is daring America to do something about him and his Nazi views being paid by US taxpayers.

At least three Democratic Senators agree; Senators: Blumenthal, Cardin and Durbin wrote a letter to the Deputy Attorney General of the Justice Department on March 17 demanding an investigation into whether Gorka lied to the government therefore invalidating his citizenship by omitting he was a sworn lifelong member of a far right, anti-Semetic group.

Why would someone not affiliated with this group wear their uniform and their highest medal? This little Nazi medal, the medal of the Vitézi Rend was given to his father by the group out of appreciation for his service in the group and he proudly wore the little medal like a faithful son of a Nazi would. But this is not okay in 2017, this is not okay in public in Washington, DC at a formal ball.

Robert Scott is a student at West Chester University. He can be reached at RS349355@wcupa.edu.

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  • This piece begins with ad hominem attacks on someone’s appearance, followed by smears against some television personalities. This tends to demonstrate from what temper tantrum someone is writing.

    I don’t know much about Gorka. Perhaps the author got his information from Wikipedia, and used that to paint his picture. That website explains,

    “Gorka himself stated that he wears this medal in remembrance of his father, who was awarded the decoration for his efforts to create an anti-Communist, pro-democracy organization at the university he attended in Hungary. Robert Kerepeszki, Hungarian expert of the Order of Vitéz, has confirmed that there were ruptures in the organization of the Order of Vitéz on the question of Nazism during the war, many of them died fighting against Hungarian Nazis, and Gorka’s medal had nothing to do with the war period, but was awarded ‘for his resistance to dictatorship.’ The tunic that Gorka wore was a traditional Hungarian jacket, known as a bocskai…Some people who have worked with Sebastian Gorka have said that he is not anti-semitic. In February 2017 congressman Trent Franks called him ‘the staunchest friend of Israel and the Jewish people.'”

    From what I know of Senators Blumenthal, Cardin, and Durbin, forgive me if I take Franks’s word over theirs.

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