Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Lawrence Dining Hall is catering to healthy eaters with fresh foods and more options for those who eat clean.

”We’ve changed Lindsay’s Garden around a bit, so now it’s sautéed to-order versus a specific item,” said Abby Smith, catering and marketing manager at WCU.

Lindsay’s Garden was founded by a WCU student named Lindsay Silcox, who spoke up about the university not having enough vegetarian options.

A sign outside of the Lindsay’s Garden station at Lawrence reads, “The station named after her is designed in her likeness and focuses on healthy eating, using only the freshest vegetables and whole grains as the core of menus served at the station.”

Smith also added that there is a Caesar salad at the pasta station that will be available every day and fresh baked breads with assorted butters.

“We heard a lot of feedback from the students and resident assistants who wanted to make some changes to improve Lawrence,” said Smith.

Smith says the challenge isn’t providing healthy options, it’s informing students that these options are available.

In addition, Lindsay’s Market at the Ram’s Head Food Court in Sykes switched from rice bowls and salads to fresh ginger and Southeast Asian fare for a week.

Rice bowls, salads, sautéed vegetables and fresh fruits are among the many options students can indulge in without having to opt for greasy foods in the dining hall.

Smith hopes to bring more attention to healthy eating at Lawrence and Sykes with more options coming in the future.

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Sunny Morgan is a second-year student majoring in communication studies with a minor in journalism. She can be reached at Her Twitter is @SunnyMorgan97.

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