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You finally get to the grocery store to purchase your first canister of protein powder. Once you find the aisle, you walk up to the shelves, knowing there will be the perfect one. The shelves are crammed with dozens of different brands, flavors, types and sizes.

If you have ever been in this position, this article will help you clarify what each label means. Flavor, size and price are all up to you, the consumer. This article can provide you with the basic facts of the most popular types of protein powder.

The most popular type is whey protein powder: The base of this protein powder is dairy, and it plays a key role in growing and repairing muscle post-workout. Casein, another form of protein powder, is extremely similar to whey protein powder because it is dairy-based. It differs from whey protein powder, since the rate of nutrients extracted from the powder is much slower than the rate in whey protein powder.

A great plant-based protein powder is made from peas. It is completely vegetarian, so it also does not contain any fat, cholesterol, gluten or dairy. Unfortunately, it is lacking cysteine, an important amino acid. You can incorporate cysteine into your diet by eating foods such as soy, beef, seeds, nuts and chicken. Another great vegetarian protein powder is soy-based. This type of protein powder is great for people who do a lot of strength training, and it is also shown to lessen the risk of cancer.

Protein powders work well when exercising more regularly. There are also vitamin stores and shops that have professionals for you to consult with.

Many athletes are intimidated by protein powders and different supplements. Purchasing a small amount of the supplement and adding it to different smoothies, baked goods or even with yogurt can help you figure out what is best. There are many ways people sneak protein into their diet without anybody else knowing. Adding a scoop on top of your banana muffins, morning pancakes, fluffy waffles or even juicy meatballs can make all the difference.

Mallory Ritthamel is a third-year student majoring in nutrition. She can be reached at

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