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West Chester University offers a variety of clubs and organizations on campus so you can get involved and find something that interests you.

One campus organization that is particularly amazing for people who enjoy volunteering is the co-ed service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega.

This group is made up of over 80 caring students who all love volunteering. Alpha Phi Omega focuses on three major elements: leadership, friendship and service. You lead those around you in a positive light, you find some of your best friends in college, and you serve within your community and on campus.

Alpha Phi Omega’s fundamentals come from scouting laws, which give all members a standard and code of ideals to live by.

The volunteer opportunities are endless; there are so many unique and fun places where you serve and at times wind up creating lasting relationships with people. Examples of service are: volunteering at local 5K races, writing cards to servicemen and women, helping at blood drives, working holiday themed events, visiting the residents of a senior citizen home and so much more.

As a member of Alpha Phi Omega, you must complete 20 or more hours of service with a minimum of five hours of service to scouts and youth. To help with the youth in the community, you can help at a Daisy troop meeting, read to students at a school, play with and supervise children at recess and more.

Friendship is very important to the members of Alpha Phi Omega at WCU. They offer social events to attend but also provide a great sense of unity through events during meetings and at their semester “lock-in.” Lock-in is a day where members are broken into groups to complete fun team bonding tasks while building trust with each member.

WCU’s chapter of Alpha Phi Omega works very hard to ensure its members experience a quality and meaningful time of service.

There is pride in all they have accomplished in helping others and they continue to do so in our society long after leaving WCU.

The meetings are vibrant and positive. It’s a time to capture how much fun the members all have together. There is a great sense of equality because anyone who loves service and helping others can join.

If you are a student at WCU who enjoys volunteering for incredible causes, this is definitely an organization to consider.

There are rush events during the beginning of each semester, so be on the lookout.

Aileen Assumma is a third-year student majoring in the English literature track. She can be reached at 

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