Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

For many years now, music has been a significant part of our society and has been known to influence people in different ways.  Rap, R&B, country and pop all have their own sound and tell a story through their lyrical content.

However, as we all may know, in order for musicians to make money from their music, they have to present and sell what will attract the public eye.  Each genre of music has different ways of affecting people.

Unfortunately, each genre of music has both positive and negative impacts on society. Rap music has been known for its negative portrayal due to the message it sends people through its lyrical content and rap videos. Rap has had an effect on the way both men and women treat each other and also on the way they treat themselves individually.

Money, cars, women, violence and clothes are some of the many different things that attract the public eye due to their portrayal in song and video.  Both men and women treat each other a certain way because of the way relationships are portrayed in music.

In order to draw in the attention of many people, artists create storylines within their music videos. These videos either tell stories of what that specific artist may have gone through in their life or they convey something fictional.

“Rap music has been known for its negative portrayal due to the message it sends people through its lyrical content and rap videos.”

Some storylines may be positive and others negative.  One rapper who portrayed both of these aspects was Tupac Shakur. His music was positive because his raps revolved around the truth, but it was also negative due to the content he used within his raps and the way he sometimes carried himself. I personally never had an issue with the music that Tupac made because he was simply being himself and telling the truth about the world. However, somebody else may think otherwise.

Many rappers are not raised in negative environments, but due to what sells they have to act and make it seem that they have come from hard times in order for them to make money.

All musical artists send messages through their lyrical content and music videos.  They will not stop sending those messages because they sell and make money, but it’s up to the people who listen to figure out how they want to take those messages.

Avery Davis is a fourth-year student majoring in exercise science. They can be reached at

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