Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

The Hillary Clinton presidential campaign has announced that Chelsea Clinton will visit West Chester on Monday, April 25. The visit is scheduled for 2 p.m. at the Hillary for Pennsylvania Organizing Office at 117 Gay Street in downtown West Chester. According to the Clinton campaign website, doors for the event will open at 1:15 p.m.

The visit by Hillary Clinton’s daughter is scheduled to happen just two hours before Donald Trump’s campaign rally at West Chester University’s Hollinger Field House. Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, paid a visit to a downtown West Chester eatery on Saturday, April 23.

This is not the first time Chelsea Clinton has helped campaign for her mother in West Chester. She paid a visit to West Chester University’s Sykes Union during Clinton’s 2008 campaign for President.

The Pennsylvania primary elections will be held on Tuesday, April 26.

One thought on “Chelsea Clinton to visit West Chester”
  1. Look who is actually protesting trump, not hillary fans:

    Today was Awesome! I saw Chelsea Clinton speak today about family and about Medicare (Video soon). She was very knowledgeable and spoke very well, no slip ups about president sanders, but there was a loose comparison of trump and Bernie not being realists that i didn’t agree with. She was over an 1.5 hours late and only had time to take 3.5 softball questions form older ladies all about medicare. There were 6 men, three of witch had there hands up for a question, and 4 of them told me they were “undecided” or just there with a camera, another guy was sleeping. As a Bernie supporter i wanted to ask if she agrees with her mother on Perpetuating War, big money in politics, and a pro fracking global campaign. Later i made my way down to the trump rally and met a lot of really knowledgeable WCU students and made some great connections! As i rolled out, i noticed police were letting cars through so I figured why not roll back through the center of it with my Bernie bumper stickers! I was pretty scared for my car but it was totally worth it haha!!!

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