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According to an article published by CBS Philly at approximately 9 p.m. on Friday, April 22, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will be holding a rally at West Chester University on Monday, April 25.

The article stated that the rally will take place in Hollinger Field House, which holds around 3,700 people, and will begin at 4 p.m.

In an email sent by Rebecca Hook, senior associate to interim WCU President Christopher Fiorentino, faculty was notified that “West Chester University received a call from the Trump Campaign on Friday, April 22, requesting to hold a rally at the university.”

“As a public institution of higher learning that provides open-access educational facilities, West Chester University does not endorse the views of any political party or candidate,” said the email. “West Chester University is committed to upholding an academic learning environment that engages a variety of thoughts, opinions and expressions.”

Freshman Aaron Gallant was happy to hear about the announcement of Trump’s impending arrival, as he hopes students will organize a protest against the candidate.

“I’m glad it’s happening because it’s really nice that we have the ability to declare our dissatisfaction with Trump and his hateful policies,” said Gallant.

Meanwhile, sophomore Halle Nelson was more worried by the news.

“I don’t want a candidate who advocates for violence at his rallies through racism, sexism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, etc. to visit our school,” said Nelson. “West Chester University is meant to be a safe space for students, and I fear that his hate-filled rhetoric will result in a ripple-effect of intolerance in our school.”

Sophomore Corinne Taicher expressed similar sentiments.

“I’m incredibly frustrated that West Chester University has agreed to let a man speak who preaches hate and distrust in a time when we need understanding and peace,” said Taicher. “It also [is] a great disrespect to Muslim and Hispanic students on this campus who have been clear and consistent targets for his racist rhetoric.”

Nancy Gainer, executive director of communications, was cited in the CBS Philly article as stating that “they were surprised Trump chose [to visit] West Chester.”

According to Gainer, the university expects Trump’s campaign stop to be a big event.

“I think it’s something that’ll draw all types of citizens,” Gainer said. “People from the community, people from various parts of the region. I think it’ll be a draw for a lot of individuals.”

According to the email from Hook, D Lot, which is the parking lot between Hollinger Gym and Lawrence Hall, will be closed on Sunday, April 24 and Monday, April 25.

“In our effort to manage parking for this event, Parking Services is working to help WCU employees and students find other options for parking on Sunday and Monday,” said the email. “We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.”

The email also stated that “university public safety officers will work closely with West Chester Police and U.S. Secret Service to ensure the safety of all students, employees and visitors.”

Casey Tobias is a second-year student majoring in women’s and gender studies and communication studies with minors in journalism and German. She can be reached at Her Twitter is @Casey__Tobias.

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20 thoughts on “BREAKING: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to visit WCU”
  1. G
    To all of you out there who say that Donald Trump speakers hate, racism etc., why don’t you actually listen to him instead of the idiots that you have been listening to. Beanie is not going to give you free school, you will pay for it and everyone elses when you finally get a job. Hillary is going to ruin this country even more than Obama, and your education will be a waste because there won’t be any jobs out there, and cruz will lie about everything! Trump is the only chance to make this country great again! Think of your future and your future children. Trump 2016!

    1. What about the deportations. Im aghast that you think that its ok for him to deport people whos parents werent born here. What the hell is wrong with you? How about excluding an entire religious group?

      1. So, YOU support illegal activity? You are fine with people crossing our borders ILLEGALLY and then getting benefits for doing so? Sorry, but that is NOT the American way…but, then you are unaware of our country’s history

  2. Your a dreamer if you think Bernie is paying for your education! Hillary wasn’t even strong enough to stand up to her husband when he cheated, lied, to her,how is she going to stand up to terrorist. They are both habitually liers. Nothing racist about Trump unless you are here illegal….

  3. I am very disappointed that WCU is hosting Trump’s campaign intolerance of humanity. Building walls, inciting violence, racial and religious intolerance, and bullying is not my idea of a good role model for anyone. He has used the system and does not accept responsibility for any of his actions. How do you think he has so much money? He has no idea of morality or have any ethics. No to Trump! Not a man I want to have leading our already great country!

    1. What’s wrong with building a wall? It keeps us safe, our border is just a fence. Every other country has a strong border

      1. It will cost billions of dollar to build and trillions to maintain. and no mexican cannot be forced to pay for it

    2. So it’s only acceptable for you to be tolerant if the other person has the same view point as you? Otherwise that person doesn’t have free speech rights? Doesn’t have any rights because YOU think you are right? Don’t be a pretentious arse, you only fuel the perception that liberals are idiots…which is true.

  4. Lolol at anyone who thinks Trump will make America “great again” when the hell was America so great? When people of color were segregated? When women had no say in our country? When gays were forced to keep their choices to themselves? Voting for Trump will be taking a step back in this country. Anyone who supports him is an uneducated hillbilly. The guy openly calls Mexicans rapists, calls women ugly, and degrades those with mental disabilities. He openly told people he would lie to run for president. This so called man has not even informed us on his plan to make our country so great. He will favor the 1% who make millions of dollars a year and not care two sh*ts about the average American. The president is supposed to be for the people by the people but he has never had to live an average American life, “just a small loan of a million dollars” f*** out of here, you give me that small loan and I’d live a life time of delusional happiness too

  5. Keep him the f*** out of west chester, i hope they scare him off the stage like in chicago, west chester is too great of a diverse place to let that racist speak his bullsh*t

    1. It’s great seeing how higher education is having such an impact on Mike. His mature comments are amazing. Are you able to express yourself in words that have more than 4 letters? I’ll call you Mr Diverse. Hey Mike…rather than following the crowd to be hip and cool and being so submissive to peer pressure maybe you should take the time to do a little research about Donald Trump. Might open your eyes a little. But don’t over tax your brain. Go slow, breathe deeply and run to your safe space.

  6. hi not saying i’m voting for him put political stuff is interesting and important. how do i reserve a spot or get a ticket?

  7. I would really like to know where Halle Jackson got her information that WCU was supposed to be a “safe place” for students there? Has she never had to take a civics class? Has she never been exposed to our Bill of Rights? Doesn’t she know that WCU is a state-funded university and as such should NEVER take sides, especially when it comes to politics? The more students are exposed to candidates, the better for all…being MISINFORMED is your right, but it is the right of everyone to be allowed to speak and be heard so others can make up their own minds and not listen to pundits who have agendas

    1. First of all, my name is Halle Nelson not Jackson as listed above. Second, the idea of a safe space is not intended to be a political bubble. Simply put, the University is in charge of two things: guaranteeing student safety and education. In regards to the rally’s effects on safety, Trump rallies across the map have become infamous for bigotry, public drunkenness, and outright violence, which IS a public safety issue. This has nothing to do with being a bi-partisan issue. I respect that those with opposite political views have the right to free speech. If Kasich or Cruz stopped by I would not have cared. So yes, the University is obligated to ensure the safety of their students in this case by not allowing Trump to come onto campus. This is not a matter of disagreeing with politics or policies but everything to do with the many minority students today that felt unsafe leaving their dorms, got spit on by supporters, were called various racial slurs, etc.

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