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Over 20 years of business later, Fennario coffeehouse owner Brendan Greene decided to call it quits and sell his local hotspot.

Located on the corner of Gay and Church Street, Fennario has been West Chester’s purveyor of specialty coffees and sweets for decades now.

Justin Wilson, longtime patron-turned barista, and James Burk, visual artist, purchased Fennario and will be reopening it this upcoming April.

While the coffeehouse is still open for business, Wilson and Burk are planning an official first day under its new name, Fenn’s Coffee.

Currently, the two are partnering up with Lamont Specialty Coffees and Fine Teas to serve at Fenn’s.

Based in West Chester, Lamont is a family-owned business currently operated by the third generation of members from the Lamont family.

Lamont’s organic and fair trade café blends have been enjoyed by Fennario patrons for years, but this new era as Fenn’s Coffee brings a closer partnership between the two.

While patrons can enjoy a hot coffee with chocolate and Irish crème, Fennario has been a haven for musicians, artists and writers for many years. Local bands like Scuzbot and Children’s Books are no strangers to the attic, and many Friday and Saturday nights have found Fennario as a concert venue.

Last year, the coffeehouse was a host to art galleries curated by Raquel Duplin for the West Chester Art Collective.

Wilson and Burk plan on continuing this and maintaining Fenn’s status as the purlieu for the arts in West Chester. Wilson was first introduced to the location over a decade ago.

As a teenager, he was invited to a concert for a friend’s band, and has been attached to the venue ever since. He soon began to work as a barista there, and now he is a proud co-owner.

Wilson said, “I want to propel the Fennario into the new century, solidifying its stature for residents, visitors and college students alike.”

Wilson made it clear that the Fennario acts as more than just home to many drinks, as many patrons become regulars.

Committed to both his work and his customers, he added, “There are people that started coming here when this place first opened up. Three generations later, they’re still coming back.”

While the official reopening is in the works for this upcoming April, Fenn’s Coffee is still keeping its schedule full.

Open mic nights are still held every Wednesday at 7 p.m.

The calendar for booking local bands shows no signs of slowing down.

These, along with the new addition of a greater partnership with the Lamont family and their business, contributes to a local hotspot that has been the home for musicians, artists, and mostly, people that love a good cup of coffee.

If you find yourself walking through the town of West Chester, Fenn’s Coffee is sure to serve you a fine cup of joe.

Jeffrey Holmes is a fourth-year student majoring in philosophy. They can be reached at

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