Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

Dear West Chester,

So this was an interesting week at WCU, in regards to proposed construction.

This week, I wrote two articles regarding the proposed changes to Sykes Student Union. They’re planning a huge remodel of Sykes in the next seven to ten years, as well as a temporary remodel that replaces the private student organization offices this summer.

Not everyone is happy about these changes, though – in theory – it will lead to more collaboration. For a lot of organizations, this raises questions about what to do with the things in their private offices.

The planned huge remodel also hopes to eventually place all of the media groups on campus – The Quad included – into a shared student media center. I don’t know the exact details of this, but I’m curious as to the square footage, and if there will be enough room for all of the media organizations to do their work. It remains important for the student union to offer media groups the space to do their very crucial work.

Theresa Kelly

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