Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Nestled in your backpack with the halfway zipped pocket or in your loose fitted jeans, your device lay scheming to terrorize your bank account in any way possible.  It doesn’t matter who you are or where you go, if you have a cellular phone it is going to break. After all, it’s a well-known scientific fact that cell phones are magnetically attracted to large bodies of water, concrete, and open windows.

So what are your options should your mobile device meet its untimely fate?  Buying a new phone is generally off the table unless you’re having a mid-life crisis or your last name is Kardashian, and the manufacturers warranty is only worth using if you have moment-to-moment photo evidence of the purchase, handling, and destruction of the phone.  Oh, and that’s if it’s still in effect.

Then there’s Laz from On The Go Mobile located on Market Street in West Chester.  As a technological wizard and family man, Laz can not only fix most phones but he can also find you a reasonably priced replacement for the one you have should you choose to go that direction.  He’s a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the personal communications market and he isn’t afraid to share his knowledge with you, the consumer.

This knowledge is well-earned; Laz and his family have been in the wireless technology business since 2000 when they started out making lanyards for early cell phones and the antiquated beepers that only old goats like me are likely to remember.

My friends, I am the preeminent discerning consumer; if I’m Ahab then questionable business practices are my white whale.  I make telemarketers cry; I make Wawa sandwich technicians quake in their sandals; so when I say Laz and the crew from On The Go won me over with their service, you know I’m not selling you a line.  They did such a good job (fixing my cell phone which I had shorted out and brought to the brink of exploding) that two months later I went back and bought my new cell from them instead of using my AT&T upgrade.  Oh, and he gives students a 15 percent discount with a valid school ID.

Laz has seen some crazy things when it comes to mobile devices, and my improvised exploding cell phone isn’t anywhere near the top.  When asked about it, he simply shook his head and told me abut a guy who came in with a current model iPhone that wasn’t just cracked, it was bent and curved.  Geometry students could probably use it to measure circumference.  Not only did he get the data off of it, he managed to fix the phone by bending all the components back into place and replacing the frame.

So if your cell phone situation has taken a turn for the worse, I’d suggest paying Laz at On The Go Mobile to see if he can’t fix the situation or point you in the right direction.

Ryan Wasser can be reached at RW851045@wcupa.edu.

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