Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Hello West Chester!

We are finally entering the home stretch! We have only a few more weeks until the semester comes to a close. If you are returning in the fall, you likely have already selected your classes. If you are not, then you are likely getting ready to graduate in May.

Before we know it, the semester will be over and we will all go our separate ways. Some of us will go home for the summer, others will go onto whatever comes next. I’m in the group of students who will go onto “whatever comes next.” I can tell you that it is certainly a very interesting feeling that I haven’t had to register for classes for the fall, and I have started looking for a job. But before the real world sets in, I want to give a little piece of advice: Keep your friends close. Each moment is precious, and each moment with friends is beyond precious.

So let’s muscle through these last few weeks, enjoy the warm weather, survive our final exams (if you are in my boat, our final, final exams), and enjoy our remaining time we have left with our friends.

Adam Farence

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