West Chester University’s Black Men United (BMU) organization showcased their own version of the comedy series “Wild ‘N Out” on Apr. 8 in Sykes Theater. The event was hosted by Amber Yates and Al-Hajj Shabazz, and the special guest was comedian Craig McLaren.

The admission fee into the event was $5, or $3 with a canned good, and BMU stated that they plan to donate $100 of the money generated and all of the canned goods to Chester County Food Bank.

“Wild ‘N Out,” originally created by Nick Cannon, is a comedy series where two teams, the red and black squads, compete for a comedy championship belt while participating in a series of improvisational comedy games. Cannon created the show in 2005, and it’s been on MTV for six seasons.

WCU student Joseph Cuff-Wright, also known as DJ Kool J, determined whether each team should get a point for their funny punch lines, judging how much the audience laughed. For every point the teams received, the audience would hear a bell, and if their punch line wasn’t funny, they would hear a buzzer.

The black team was introduced first and their members included Kareem Woods, Naeem Brown, Darren White-Green, Kyree Moore, Jalil Myers, and their captain Wesley Jones. The red team’s members included Donnell Giddings, Calvin Hill, Tyrell Long, Derrick Mitchell, Ian Smith, and their captain McLaren.

“Let Me Holla” was the first game played, where members from each team tried their best pickup line on a girl. One example of a pickup line used was when a member from the red team playfully pushed the girl around, then cuffed his hands to his chest and said, “I just caught feelings for you.” The red team won the first game with three of the best pickup lines.

“Talking Spit” was the second game, where two team members, McLaren and White-Green, sat in chairs directly across from one another with their mouths full of water. The opposing team members tried to make them laugh, which resulted in them spitting the water out of their mouths. The black team won this game because White-Green spit the least amount of times.

The next game was titled “Bail Me Out,” in which Jones and McLaren pretended to be in jail and in order to get out, they had to guess the celebrities that were imitated. Some of the celebrities included Chris Brown, Jay-Z, Akon, DMX, Lil Jon, and Bill Cosby. The game ended with a tie between the teams.

In the final phase, the two teams squared off in the “Wild Style” battle. In “Wild Style,” members from each team rapped about people on the opposing team and tried to make the best jokes out of them. If the joke was funny, then it counted as one point. This round was the chance for the teams to gain additional points while saying as many funny punch lines as possible. The red team gained the most points in this round, which helped them win the comedy championship belt.

Brittany Donald is a fourth-year student majoring in English. She can be reached at BD760628@wcupa.edu.

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