Fri. May 17th, 2024

Last year, I wrote an article about the much anticipated annual Budweiser Clydesdale commercial. I explained its significance and growth throughout the years, how it once started as a simple advertisement, and has now positioned itself on the market as essentially its own brand. After the Super Bowl is over, you don’t talk about Budweiser beer, but about the Budweiser beer commercial. This year’s commercial, “Lost Dog,” tugged at our heartstrings, as always. Our favorite Budweiser pup finds himself lost, and winds up in the woods at night, face to face with a coyote. His friends, the Budweiser Clydesdales, show up in the nick of time, saving the day and bringing the pup home where he belongs. This happy ending is an expected and familiar end to the commercial.

However, what was unfamiliar this year were other advertisements. Companies tried different tricks to make sure their products would be memorable, whether scaring everyone half to death or making us sad. I truly believe this year’s commercials were the best I have ever seen, as companies have to become more creative in order to make themselves stand out. A lot of these advertisements show marketing at its finest.

Right before the games began, Americans all over the world nearly choked on chicken wings, knocking over tables in order to get to the television faster and make sure the cable was working. Chevrolet really knows how to make a gameday entrance. As the screen went blank, a voice came on overhead, asking, “What would you do if your TV went out right before the Super Bowl?” This genius example of marketing was used to advertise that the new Chevy Colorado includes built- in 4G LTE Wi-Fi. After the scare they gave, some people may be less inclined to buy a Chevy, but nevertheless, the advertising was spot on. [pullquote align=”right”]Kim Kardashian’s commercial had viewers either loving or hating T-Mobile.[/pullquote]

Kim Kardashian’s commercial had viewers either loving or hating T-Mobile. Regardless of your feelings toward it, T-Mobile accomplished exactly what they set out to do; make a memorable Super Bowl commercial. Even if they are being talked about negatively, T-Mobile is still being talked about more than they were before the game.

Clash of Clan players in the room stopped what they were doing and stared at the screen as Liam Neeson appeared, speaking in an angry tone to his smart phone while waiting for his score to appear. The commercial was so popular because it starred Liam Neeson, and it took a real-life scenario that many players experience on a daily basis and brought it to life.

Of course, we all know about the Nationwide “Make Safe Happen” commercial. It begins following a little boy and all of the things he does throughout the day, and ends with a bathtub full of water, telling us to watch our kids. It is similar to the Kim Kardashian commercial in that people may not have talked about it or liked its seriousness, but they are talking about Nationwide.

As a marketer, I find it so interesting what is going on in the world makes such a difference in the type of commercials aired. The scandal with the NFL made a lot of companies have to rethink/ re do their typical commercial strategy (lack of girls in the Go Daddy advertisement, anyone?). Here’s to next Super Bowl, and what its commercials may bring!

Ashley Cantasano is a third-year student majoring in marketing and adverisement. She can be reached at

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