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Have you ever had an experience with someone that was just downright awkward? Well that is Jenna Hamilton’s life on the hit MTV show Awkward. Jenna is a quirky soon to be college freshman who navigated her way through her high school years with the help of her friends Jake, Matty, and her BFF Tamara.

Jenna begins the show by gaining unwanted popularity from an accident thought to be a suicide attempt. This also helps her to gain more readers on her daily blog. After having a summer of hookups with the dreamy Matty McKibben at summer camp, she goes to school to find that he is “Mr. Popular,” while Jenna is, well, not so popular. Their romance remains a secret from the public eye.

Jenna later on ends up in a love triangle with Matty and his best friend Jake. She juggles both boys throughout the seasons and eventually, Tamara removes Jake from the triangle to have him for herself. Matty and Jenna then proceed to have a great relationships until the mysterious new boy Collin is thrown into the mix.

Collin shakes things up with the crew, and Jenna ends up cheating on Matty with him. Awkwardly enough, Matty ends up seeing the cheating before his very own eyes and the epic saga of Jenna and Matty comes to an end.

Jenna proceeds to go off the deep end after getting involved with bad-boy Collin and is disowned by her friends. Only after Jenna finds out that Collin and his ex’s relationship never truly ended does she pull her life together and get back with her true friends.

Jenna ends up in some tough and very relatable situations throughout the years, from juggling boys, to having “the talk” with her parents. Jenna’s sticky situations make you laugh, cry, and sometimes even blush because the same thing happened to you just yesterday.

With the help of her young and understanding parents, Jenna has a memorable high school experience. Dealing with her arch enemy Sadie Saxton (who has been making her life a living hell since day one) may become the least of her worries in this upcoming season.

After a shocking midseason finale, the Awkward season 4B premiere is sure to impress. The students are halfway through senior year, filling out college apps, and enjoying the senior ski trip. With Matty’s new girlfriend Eva revealing that she is pregnant, Matty will have to make some real changes in his life. After finding out Eva is not the person she says she is, Jenna and Sadie have tried to expose her. But with a bun in the oven, will Matty ever believe his sweetheart is a stalker?

Jakara is totally off. After Tamara catfishing Jake pretending to be his dream girl “Autumn,” Jake is beyond done. Will Tamara give up hope on her high school sweetheart? Also, after a crazy college visit Tamara may even be playing for a different team now.

Tamara’s dream school’s interview did not go as planned. After attending her interview with a massive hangover, Tamara may have to consider other options. Jenna’s interview went surprisingly well, but are her sub-par grades and lack of extracurriculars going to get her the spot?

All these questions and more will be answered when Awkward season 4B premieres September 23 at 10 p.m. on MTV. Be sure to check it out! With new ridiculously awkward scenarios, this season is sure to be one that you don’t want to miss!

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