Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

To my editors, writers and photographers for the past two years,


I was not too happy that I had to take over as editor in chief of The Quad two years ago. In fact, I was quite unhappy. I had been the sports editor, and I wanted to stay the sports editor for the rest of college. Truthfully, I was not that interested in anything else.


But that all changed very fast. I quickly learned that, although I liked designing the sports section, I liked it more to be a part of the bigger picture, and really try to make a difference in the production and quality of The Quad. I don’t know if I did, but I felt like in the last couple of years we made some really great strides in terms of the look of our newspaper, our online presence, and the general quality of the news service we provided; I was honored to be at the head of that progression.


There are a couple of lessons in this, but one in particular I wanted to point out to you as you continue your road to graduation, and eventually the workforce.


Don’t say no to something just because it is not exactly what you want to do.


But shouldn’t you chase your dreams? Try for that dream job?


Yes, of course, but there is often no pre-set path to that job, and to close your mind to other opportunities and possibilities also closes doors on something you might really enjoy. In my case, that certainly would have been true regarding my position with The Quad. I’m not recommending you say yes to everything that comes your way, but at least think it through. College is as much about figuring out what you don’t want to do, as much as it is figuring out what you do want to do, and the way to figure that out is to try something you are unsure about.


There is no better time in your life to take those types of risks than while you’re in college.


I want to give you one other piece of advice along the same note. Don’t get discouraged if you are having trouble finding a job or internship in your line of work. I’ve had my share of worries, and still do, but someone once told me that employers don’t operate on your schedule, and if you do everything in your ability each day to better yourself and put yourself in a position to succeed, you should be able to go to sleep that night knowing you are doing the best you can. That is really all that matters.


As I write my last editorial (and admittedly my first one in quite a while) I am proud to know that my editors and writers were amazing at trying out new things and taking risks for me and the paper. Our new editor in chief, Adam Farence will be doing just that, as he tries to give The Quad a larger online presence with his mobile journalism project. I am certain that he, and all of you returning staff members will transform the newspaper medium here at West Chester and make it into something even better.


I’ve seen some of my fellow Quad members go onto to do some pretty big things, and I expect nothing less from all of you. Best of luck for the remainder of college and beyond, and remember to have fun!


-Kenny Ayres

-former editor in chief

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