Mon. Aug 8th, 2022


Well my newspaper loving friends, this is the last editorial I will write as the OpEd editor for the The Quad.   The next edition for the semester marks the day the new staff replacements take charge. Next year, I’ll be serving as editor-in-chief, and a new OpEd editor, Drew Mattiola, will be taking over my old position.

All of us here at the newspaper take pride in our work, and when it is time to pass on the duties of our job, and we take the upmost care when making our selections.  Drew has shown dedication to The Quad. I’m sure you have all read Drew’s articles ranging from sports to music, every piece has an opinion cleverly woven in it. Because of that, I have selected him to take the OpEd poisition.  Since he has started writing for the newspaper, he has hardly missed an edition yet.

Every editor, from the moment we walk through the door on our first day on the job, to the last one, where we watch our replacements take charge, we all wish the best for The Quad.

So, my fellow newspaper enthusiasts, thank you for sticking to The Quad for your news, and keep your eyes peeled for the next generation of editors. They are going to do a great job, I promise you that.



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