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During the month of April, the West Chester University Foundation will be encouraging all students to participate in Student Annual Giving Month.  As an effort to encourage student philanthropy, the organization will ask students to donate money to emergency student scholarships.

That grande Starbucks frappuccino you just ordered, that burrito at Chipotle, that milkshake at the diner – giving up any one of those things, even just once, could help you to assist your fellow student.

Emergency student scholarships are given to students who have an emergency situation – a parent losing a job, a sickness, etc. – that will stop them from being able to attend school this semester.  With these scholarships, these students are able to get through tough times and get back on their feet.

By donating during Student Annual Giving Month, you can make a real difference in a classmates’ life.  While a minimum of a $5 donation is requested for official recognition, they will accept donations of any size.  Every little bit counts and can positively impact a student’s life.

The big question is: why give back to the university?  We already go here, right? So why does it make sense to donate back to WCU?

While our tuition can seem daunting, the truth is, the money we pay only covers 50 percent of what it actually takes to educate us.  An additional 22 percent comes from state funding.  The rest of the money that finances students’ education comes from donations from alumni and students.

By donating to the university, you are helping your fellow Golden Rams stay at school.  You are also showing your gratitude for the university that has made a big difference in your life.

The slogan for the month is:  “Bleed purple, give gold.”  If WCU and the Golden Rams are a huge part of your life, then giving a donation is just one way to show your appreciation.  You can also volunteer to make the campus a better place.  Be sure to keep the idea of donating in the back of your mind for when you are economically able to donate.

Donations are not just for the month of April.  If you’ve been loving your time here at West Chester University, you can donate money to show your gratitude.  Is there a particular department that has led to your success?  A team that has been your family?  You can donate money towards specific causes and make a huge difference.

Is there something at WCU that you wish was different?  Do you think a certain department feeds updated equipment, or that a building needs renovating?  You can donate money that will help improve the campus.

After graduating from West Chester University, it’s important to become involved alumni.  The donations that alumni give the school are a huge part of our financing and they have changed lives.  From scholarships to renovations, alumni have the power to make a huge difference.

You can make a difference now, as a student, and you can certainly continue to make a difference as alumni.

If students are interested in donating, they can look for the Student Annual Giving Month tables that will be set up around campus throughout April.  Students can also donate online at:

Theresa Kelly is a second year student majoring in English literature secondary education. She can be reached at

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