Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

Circle K is an international organization and a part of the Kiwanis family. The club prides itself on their three tenants of fellowship, leadership, and service. West Chester University’s Circle K club hosted their sixth-annual volleyball tournament on Feb. 22. During the tournament, there were various in-house service projects such as: dog toy making, cards for troops, bracelets and cards for hospitalized children, and bookmarks for city libraries. Also, raffles were held during the tournament. The raffles were gift cards donated by Mas, Barnaby’s, Buddy’s Burgers and Fries, Wegman’s, Giant, Iron Hill, and Texas Roadhouse.

This event was held to raise money for the Eliminate Project. The Eliminate Project’s goal is to remove maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) from the planet. MNT affects mothers and their children who do not have access to health care. This disease often results in death. In fact, every nine minutes, a newborn baby is killed due to maternal/neonatal tetanus. Thanks to immunization, MNT is completely preventable. By just donating $1.80 to The Eliminate Project, you can help ensure that a mother will pass the immunity for this disease onto all of her future children.

Kiwanis and UNICEF teamed up to raise money to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. To completely wipe this deadly disease from the planet, more than 100 million mothers and their future children need to be immunized. Kiwanis and UNICEF have been raising money towards eliminating this disease from the entire population, and project that by 2015 that they will have raised enough money so that we can live in a world in which maternal and neonatal tetanus does not kill another baby again.

The volleyball tournament helped Circle K raise more than $500 for the Eliminate Project. In addition to the tournament, Jake’s Wayback Burgers (on West Chester Pike) contributed 15% of their sales on Feb. 22 to the cause. This brought in an additional $300 donation. In total, Circle K raised more than $800 for the Eliminate Project.

Stephanie Frasca is a third-year student majoring in communication sciences and disorders. She can be reached at

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