Sun. Aug 7th, 2022

Being able to see new faces on campus each day is one of the main reasons I decided to attend West Chester University.  Aside from the academic reputation our school upholds and the charming town within which it resides, the major deciding factor for me was that West Chester has a large enough student body to allow me to meet a new person every day.

The diversity on our campus is incredible – easily noticed just in passing fellow students between classes.  One thing in particular I notice daily is that there are at least a handful of male and female students that choose to express themselves through their fashion style.

There are so many ways to express yourself, but the ones who choose to let the world sneak a peek into their personality by emphasizing their clothing choices are some of the most intriguing people I have seen.

How many times have you passed by a well dressed male or female and wondered where they got their boots, or just have a feeling that they are one of the coolest people you have ever seen simply because they’re wearing a fabulous outfit? It is the diversity in West Chester students’ style choices that makes everyone unique.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.  There are so many different personalities on our campus, and I want to give some of these students a chance to tell us all a little bit about themselves based on their awesome individualistic styles.

Here at West Chester, I see tons of different looks.  One student who has caught my eye multiple times is Colleen Rothfus, a sophomore working towards a degree in graphic design.

Whether sporting vividly printed leggings or an old vintage sweater, this girl always wears outfits that best represent her versatile personality.  When I photographed her, she was wearing a simpler outfit consisting of high-waisted black jeans paired with a red and white shirt supporting the sorority she belongs to on campus, Alpha Phi.  To add some flair to her outfit, she rocked a shade of bright red lipstick.

Skylar Rack (SR):  Tell me about how you coordinate your style with your personality.

Colleen Rothfus (CR): I’m naturally very talkative and an extremely blunt person and I think in a way, that shows in my style.  I dress in a lot of colors, very bold and unique.  I like things that don’t necessarily look like they should go together.  I’m very into the vintage look with a modern twist.  But sometimes I also like to just put on whatever I really want to wear that day and I don’t care if it doesn’t look perfect with my outfit.

SR: What is one item of clothing you couldn’t live without?

CR:  My evil eye hamsa necklace.  I’m wearing it right now!  It is supposed to bring good luck and protect those who wear it.  I’m also a little superstitious.

SR:  Just by speaking with you it is obvious you dabble a bit in all areas of fashion and aren’t afraid to try new combinations.  Does your style influence your work as a graphic design student?

CR:  My style influences my art and my art also influences my style.  Everything is my taste, just bold and chaotic but it makes a statement.  I hope to carry my signature characteristics in my future career, hopefully working for a clothing company or a toy packaging company.  Design and fashion are both my niches.

Skylar is a third-year student majoring in English wriing with a minor in business and technical writing. She can be reached at

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