Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

The first complete week of school is behind us, and now the reality of the impending (and possibly grueling) semester is starting to sink in. The homework assignments are beginning to trickle in, upcoming tests and quizzes are already filling up my calendar, and not to mention those daunting research papers that will inevitably be the death of me.

But if there was one golden piece of academic-related advice that I took away from last semester, it would be to not freak out about every little detail. It has personally taken me some time to really soak that piece of advice in, partly because of my tendency to overanalyze things. So it goes.

So what’s my solution you may ask? My self-prescribed anecdote for this hindrance is to balance out “schoolworld” and “socialworld.” It’s pretty easy if you have an open mind and friends who are willing to join along.

Just this past weekend (the 26th to be exact), my friend Deni Tobin and her friend Andrew started a new weekly tradition of hosting a family-type dinner every Sunday. A bunch of us walk to a local Giant to collect ingredients for the meal on Saturday afternoon, and then on Sunday we all convene at the Allegheny Hall kitchen to commence the cooking/laughing/socializing. The whole thing is a small gesture but it really does make West Chester feel like a second home to me.  It’s a new tradition that I’m looking forward to preserving for the next three and half years here at college.

The excitement did continue the following day after the community dinner, at the LGBTQA welcome back reception (previously mentioned in my last column). Having just recently become a certified Ally, I was pretty excited to have a good reason to attend an LGBTQA event. So my friends Ellen, Katie, and I tagged along with Deni to enjoy a nice opportunity to have fun and get some information about the club’s upcoming activities. They had multiple tables set up in the Sykes ballrooms, with a buffet off to the side, which offered some of the best hot apple cider and hot chocolate I’ve ever had. The whole thing offered a much-needed break from the typical Monday routine.

And finally, it wouldn’t truly be a complete volume of “So It Goes” if I didn’t mention the weekly documentary at the Sykes Theater. This past week’s offering was 2013’s “Inequality For All.” The film featured former cabinet member Robert Reich as he tried to convey why America’s income gap has widened so drastically over the past few decades. It was one of those inspiring movies that made me want to go out into the world and fight for a cause. Once you get that kind of emotion in you, it just makes you feel so pumped up!

After the movie, it dawned on me that being at college has kind of turned me into a “documentary nerd” (my own phrasing of course). I mean, I’ve always been super into films, which one can immediately tell by walking into my dorm (which has over 30 printed-out movie posters strewn along the walls), but documentaries are kind of like a whole other realm. Whatever realm they may fall into, these documentaries have been the perfect fit into the puzzle of my “socialworld” here at West Chester.

So here’s to hoping you find that missing puzzle piece to one of your “worlds” this week. Till next time my comrades, so it goes.

Rachel Alfiero is a first-year student majoring in communication studies. She can be reached at


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