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Oct. 26-29 was an eventful couple of days for The Quad, WCUR and WCU-TV as they attended the National College Media Convention in Kansas City, Missouri.Colleges from all over the country gathered to attend seminars and meet with professionals in the media fields. The convention was originally slated to be held in New Orleans but had to be relocated due to the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

Over the course of three days, 11 representatives from West Chester University sat in on lectures ranging from improving advertising to how to be a weatherman.

The convention is sponsored by College Media Advisers (CMA) and Associated College Press (ACP) and featured over 400 sessions. The convention is organized by a team of committees made up of advisers from around the country. The committees spend months organizing the conference.

Dr. Philip Thompsen, academic advisor for The Quad and WCUR said, “Every year, The College Media convention brings together thousands of students, faculty and staff from around the country to learn, share and network. For the students attending this year from WCUR, WCU-TV, and The Quad, it was a unique learning experience they will remember.”

There were not only general sessions to attend but a number of smaller, topicoriented sessions as well. One of the more interesting sessions was titled, “Making a Difference: Effective Reporting on the HIV/AIDS Epidemic.” This was a new workshop designed to help students report critically and effectively on the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Many members of West Chester’s media groups attended the “Want to Be a Weatherperson?” session.

Here they learned how to chart, track and deliver the weather. Some of them were even on the local evening news.

The Quad found the sessions on advertising and feature writing to be very informational. One of themost interesting seminars was “Watching Movies for a Living: The Best Worst Job on Earth.” In this session the Kansas City Star’s movie reviewer revealed tips on how to more thoroughly watch movies in order to write compelling critiques.

WCUR attended a number of seminars during the convention. “Designing SuccessfulRadio Promotions” helped students to learn the process usedto select promotions that make a station a success. WCU-TV found the broadcasting seminars to be very helpful.

The National College Media Convention is a great way for different schools to come together and share ideas.

The 2006 Convention will be held in St. Louis.

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