Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Is the drama real, are the actors playing pretend roles, is there a written script? No one can really answer those questions, or at least they avoid doing so. One of MTV’s hottest television shows, “Laguna Beach,” has been receiving a lot of controversy over whether or not this is a true reality show. Due to recent pictures found online of Kristen, people are now wondering if this show is actually reality for the guys and girls of Laguna Beach. What do you perceive to be the case? In my opinion, I feel “Laguna Beach” is not a reality show. How do the girls in this show always look like they just walked off the red carpet? They have to have makeup artists, hairstylists and clothing coordinators to look the way they always do. I mean come on now, we all have our bad days! I believe that there is a lot more about this show and its stars that we are not being told.

The drama in this show is never ending among its “actors.” It is a continuous circle among both the guys and the girls. As we all know, it’s wrong to date your friend’s ex-boyfriend, but for this group of people, that seems to be the thing to do; steal men from your so-called ‘friends.’

There is almost too much drama in this show for it to be reality. If it’s not written from script, then I sure do pity those poor people because the backstabbing will never end. It’s hard to believe that this MTV show is reality.

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