Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

With only a few seats left to spare, the annual pep rally was a true representation of West Chester University. What was the rally about, really? It was about having organizations come together for one night to celebrate the love and passion they have for this university.The pep rally started out with an introduction by the pep rally and Homecoming committee.

“It was so much fun to work behind the scenes getting everything coordinated, and it was great to see it all come together,” said first-year student and committee member Margaret DeMaioribus.

The band treated guests with their rendition of the WCU fight song accompanied by the cheerleaders.

The cheerleaders had more spirit than ever and showed much improvement from last year. “We put a lot of hard work into our program this year. We’ve been practicing since the summer and we work really hard at every practice,” said team member and second-year student Jordan Bandy.

When the Gospel Choir hit the stage for their first song “Come Thou All Mighty King” the crowd really got into it. In the second song, the Gospel Choir showcased their talent with the song “Let’s Dance.”

During the Gospel Choir’s performance, Rammy the Ram, danced with President Adler in the middle of the gym. Their performance was one that cannot be duplicated.

The award-winning BSU dance team performed yet another stunning performance and theWCU dance team danced to Janet Jackson’s “Feel the Rhythm.” The band also performed a second time with the color guard. “The guard has put a lot of hard work into this years performance and it was great to share that at the pep rally. Since this was my first pep rally at West Chester, I really enjoyed all the excitement and enthusiasm. I only hope that next year will be just as great,” said color guard member and first-year student Shana Yoder.

Some of the other highlights of the evening were the introducing of the homecoming court, which included nominees for king and queen from organizations such as BSU, the Friars, RHA and LASO, along with many more. One other very important part of the pep rally was the introduction of the WCU sports teams.

Many students have not had a chance to see the teams face to face, and this was their chance. “It was a great experience for non-athletes and athletes to meet each other and to show a comradery that the West Chester students possess,” said first-year student and baseball player Dustin Bailey.

All in all, the pep rally was a success and definitely got West Chester off to great start for new students.

According to Brian Jackson, whoperformed with the gospel choir, “Being in the pep rally really was fun for me. It was my first pep rally in college and I enjoyed seeing all the different organizations.” The new and old students love this university and that love shone at the pep rally.

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