Sun. Mar 26th, 2023


Odds are you already have your spring break planned out. If you want to plan a true vacation, Education First (EF) college tours is planning a trip to Italy for next year. This year they planned a reasonably priced trip to England. I’m on board. 

Last spring break I left the country with a few college friends on a cruise ship to the Bahamas.  It’s not hard to believe that we didn’t want to return. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we talked about where we should go on our last college spring break. At the time, we voted for Europe, though we didn’t take it seriously. (Thanks to this program, I’ll spend a week in a place I’ve always wanted to travel to and experience the culture). 

I heard on the radio how America is becoming known as the ‘no vacation nation’ (John Tisch, WJBR). Experts said Americans feel more important while working, although, taking a trip would make them more productive as an employee. Many people don’t take a vacation because they don’t want to feel behind in their work upon their return home. 

Last year on the cruise we met other college students and recent graduates. Many students agreed the cruise was their only true vacation they went on during their college years. One graduate informed us he believes students should take a vacation during their time off. He advised us: you’ll always have the money, but you won’t always have the time. 

I noticed numerous people who worked on their laptop with the ocean view. Tisch (WJBR) said for many people, it’s common for a vacation to mean to do work from a different location. Despite that I had my nose in a book, I enjoyed the time to get work done as I tanned. Take the time to enjoy yourself and remember to enjoy the view. It only lasts for so long. 

Have a happy and safe spring break!


~ Ginger Rae


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