Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

Seasons change, trends change more. Fall 2006 offers many trendy options to college students who are looking for a casual, stylish and budget-friendly wardrobe. Warmth and comfort are always very important during the fall season. For female students who have long walks to and from class, and are looking for an alternative to a hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants, a chunky knit sweater, sweatercoat or vest are the most fashionable ways to keep warm on brisk autumn days, say fashion experts at Cosmopolitan. The vest is another student-friendly trend which will look stylish while keeping the wear warm and comfortable.

Layering is always a huge trend during the fall; mixing and matching fabrics and colors is the best way to layer. One common tip among fashion experts for the upcoming season: limit the amount of layers to avoid feeling puffy and constrained.

When getting ready for a night out this fall, red shoes, whether they are flats or platforms, are a new option for brightening up a dark outfit. Belts wrapped around everything from coats and sweaters to blouses and tunics emphasize the waistline and dress up an ensemble. Fashion shows during Olympus Fashion Week in New York proved that provocative and flashy clothing is out this fall season, and has been replaced with more feminine and sleek apparel. Open toe shoes and opaque hosiery are making a comeback.

Skirts that stand away from the body are also a trend this fall, replacing the tight fitting skirts of recent years. Plaid has also made a comeback, and this season there are many varieties that can be worn during the day or for a night out.

Metallics and beading, which are typically trends for fall, are also very prevalent this season. A surprising new trend in waistlines is high cut pants; waistlines have moved away from the hip-hugging pants of the past few years, and many runway models have been seen in waistlines that reach the rib cage.

For male college students who want to look relaxed and casual, jeans are the easiest and most comfortable fall must have, although according to Details Magazine, men’s jeans seem to be getting slimmer. Overall, men’s clothing has become more fitted and silhouette-oriented this season. Dark purple, rich blues, and earth tones are all stylish color choices for men. Classic looks are always good choices for men, no matter what the season.

Knit scarves and hats are always popular choices for men and women during the fall season. Pairing a dark grey, blue or black sweater or jacket with a colorful hat or scarf is a great way to make a statement this fall,

It is possible to be trendy without splurging. For the many college students who are on a tight budget, department stores offer fashionable clothes at reasonable prices. Target seems to be the most popular choice among young adults, but Wal-mart and K-mart are beginning to make a wider variety of stylish clothes available at low prices. Specialty clothing stores such as Forever 21, Old Navy and H&M seem to have the lowest prices and the trendiest clothes. While Aeropostale, American Eagle, Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch tend to be pricier, they do often have a variety of clearance and sale items. Discount stores such as Marshalls and TJ Maxx offer designer clothes at low prices for shoppers on a tight budget. Thrift stores are also always a great alternative when searching for unique clothing at very economical prices.

The key to feeling comfortable and fashionable this fall is finding clothes that suit your individual style and personality. Mix things up and experiment. Try not to take fashion too seriously; trends are always evolving and it’s nearly impossible to keep up with them.

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