Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

Eddie, Stone, Jeff, Matt and Mike are back at it again. What exactly is it? Making another quality album that fans can enjoy over and over again. Pearl Jam started back in 1990, and has changed the scape of rock and roll. They have been one of the most popular and influential rock bands of the past two decades, and with Lightning Bolt, the band’s tenth studio album, they have proved they still have some gas left in the tank.
The album starts off with some pure rock that Pearl Jam often likes to deliver. The lead track, “Getaway,” was one of my favorite songs off the album with a memorable chorus and a catchy guitar riff. “Mind Your Manners,” the album’s first single, catches you off guard and hits you in the face with its speed. It is as if Pearl Jam suddenly blended with a punk rock band; nevertheless, the song’s raw energy stuck with me, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.
Beyond that, the album is uncharacteristically soft compared to Ten or Vs. The flow of the album is hard to put your finger on. You have the hard rocking songs, then you have the slower, longer and lighter “Sirens” and then you have a song like “Sleeping By Myself” which seems like it’s from another album altogether. This is one of the most eclectic albums I have listened to in quite some time. Each member was responsible to contributing to the album, they all wrote songs, which is why the style of the album changes so drastically.
All things considered, I did like the album. While the two singles were drastically different (“Mind Your Manners” and “Sirens”), I can honestly say I did not predict the album being so laid back and light. With that being said, I did not think it was bad. You have to give it a chance, and for me it took a couple play-throughs but I eventually came around. Pearl Jam fans can be satisfied with this effort. With most of the band now working on solo projects, we will have to hold out hope that there is still more Pearl Jam to come, but for now, Lightning Bolt will be enough to keep me happy.
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