Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

As the Pennsylvania primaries approach; Hillary Clinton continues to lead around the state with the exception of the greater Philadelphia area. According to, “The Clinton Campaign today announced the endorsements of 12 Pennsylvania State Legislators, demonstrating Hillary’s growing support in the Keystone State.”

However, even through the previous predictions of her clean sweep of the state, her lead is continuing to dwindle as the candidates continue to travel across the towns of Pennsylvania.

A Rasmussen telephone survey, according to Fox News, released on Tuesday that Clinton’s lead shrunk to five points, from 47 percent to 42 percent, from her previous 10 points a week ago.

However, according to Democratic strategist Bob Beckel, the polls are often off target, and this creates unreliability in predicting popularity scales. “I’ve never seen a year when the polls have been so out of line as they have this year,” Beckel told on Tuesday.

Many democratic supporters believe that Clinton will continue her campaign no matter the outcome of the state of Pennsylvania. However, Fox News also stated; “should Clinton lose the state, which most political pundits say is unlikely, ‘there would have to be conversation on her campaign about dropping out,’ said Democratic strategist Kirsten Powers.

However, Clinton continues to edge on and lead in almost every major region of Pennsylvania except for as previously stated Philadelphia. Hillary Clinton addressed voters of Philadelphia on Tuesday. In the remarks she had made to AFL-CIO members, Clinton described her “underdog” status in the race and shadowed herself as a reflection of the Philadelphia famed Rocky Balboa.

According to Fox News; “Well, could you imagine if Rocky Balboa had gotten halfway up those Art Museum steps and said, “Well, I guess that’s about far enough?'” Clinton asked the crowd.” “Let me tell you something, when it comes to finishing the fight, Rocky and I have a lot in common. I never quit. I never give up. And neither do the American people.”

Clinton, while in Pennsylvania has suggested a building bang to repair American infrastructure which could potentially create three million jobs over a ten year span.

Hillary Clinton has held a firm grip on her position even with the growing popularity of Senator Obama in the United States. Obama even acknowledged the former first lady when at WCU on Wednesday, for her remarkable character in continuining in the presidential race of 2008.

According to the Daily American “Clinton was in the state Monday and Tuesday [March 10 and 11], visiting Scranton, Harrisburg and Philadelphia. Bill Clinton [did] visited Pittsburgh on Tuesday, March 11th.” Hillary Clinton appeared at rallies in the month of March in Scranton, Pa at Scranton High School, Harrisburg, and at Temple University.

While the month of April continues to wind down towards the primaries on April 22, Clinton will need all of her Pennsylvania supporters to come out and do their best to show they care about her staying in the candidate position.

Chelsea Clinton, who came to West Chester University on March 27, tried her mothers positions on the University to a small crowd compared to the showing for Senator Obama.

Pennsylvania’s 158 delegates could ultimately determine who is named the democratic candidate for president

Mrs. Clinton continues in Pennsylvania to hold the support of many large powers including 12 Pennsylvanian State Legislators and the support of both Gov. Ed Rendell, and the current mayor of Philadelphia Mayor Nutter.

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