Sun. May 26th, 2024

Who doesn’t love fall? The weather is perfect, the seasons are changing, it’s that time of year where there is a holiday celebration every few weeks, and on top of all that there is only about a month and a half of school left. Fall is a special time of year and many people look to enjoy the season in unique ways that do not fit during other parts of the year. Some carve pumpkins, some drink apple cider (some prefer the adult version of apple cider), and some like to go on a hayride with close friends and loved ones.
With Halloween happening right around this time, thrill seekers have another form of seasonal entertainment: touring haunted places like Eastern State Penitentiary and Pennhurst Asylum. These attractions draw large crowds of people who enjoy the thrill of being scared. I can certainly be put into that category, but I just recently found out there is a place just like this in our own back yard. Bates Motel is located in Glenn Mills, about 15 minutes away from our campus. I went last weekend with my girlfriend and a few close friends and it was definitely a good experience.
Bates Motel offers you three different varieties of fright: the haunted hayride, the corn maze (which the girls in our group found particularly terrifying) and lastly, the haunted house. Bates is moderately priced, with the hayride maxing out at $20 and the other two attractions go for $15, but you can buy the combo package for only $40 ($30 if you print out a discount coupon on their website.)
The Hayride keeps you on edge the entire time with people popping out at you when you least expect it. I have to admit, there were a few times I saw someone creeping up on one of my friends and I gave them no warning. I might be a bad friend for that. But the props and settings along the hayride are very nicely done. Whatever you are afraid of deep down, chances are you will encounter it on the trail. Whether you are deathly afraid of clowns, zombies, monsters, or even crazy rednecks, chances are you are in for a scare.
The corn maze was a different kind of experience. I had no idea what was real and what was a nicely designed prop. My walk through the corn maze was definitely the most I have ever been stalked in my life, as the actors would not give up until you showed some kind of reaction. I made the mistake of openly stating my fear of clowns, so of course; one chased me through the rest of the maze. There were people coming out of every corner; I was on edge the whole time, which heightened the suspense.
The haunted house was probably the most twisted of the three attractions. Every room was like a scene from a nightmare. The actors in the house were very convincing. The make-up was artfully done to bring the whole experience to a new level of realism. I will not give anything away to spoil it, but the house was one of my favorite parts of the Bates Motel.
It is definitely worth the reasonable price of admission. I would highly recommend going on a Friday or Saturday night. At the time I went, it was a Wednesday so the lines were not nearly as long as they would have been, and standing in line psyching yourself out is half of the fun. Unfortunately, by the time this article is published, Bates will be closed for the season. But definitely keep it in mind for next year, it is absolutely worth the experience.
Chris Black is a third-year student majoring in communications studies. He can be reached at 

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