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Pi Kappa Phi, the Zeta Nu chapter of West Chester University, has encouraged their brothers to hold positions as SGA senators, with 14 brothers currently on the senate.               Last year, the fraternity’s president, Matt Costa, encouraged the members to join other organizations on campus. Last year, three members, including the current president, Charles ‘Chip’ Moloney, became senators for the Student Government Association (SGA). This year, Moloney will watch 14 of his brothers take on their roles on the senate.

   Moloney held the position of appeals the year before. Now he will attend meetings to help his brothers who hold positions. He talked with members of his fraternity to determine which senate seat would be most fitting to them by determining “position by position” of their interest and professionalism.

  SGA community service senate, Alex Hallquist, “is going to do a good job” as he has for his fraternity, in which he holds the same position. Hallquist will have the role to help set up community service events and inform the campus about it.

  In the fraternity, each member holds a chair position, to help them learn how to manage a leadership position. This is preparation for the young men to become leaders.               Moloney felt out of his “comfort zone” as he went through recruitment in spring 2010. Being out of his comfort zone has helped him learn to be involved in an organization, other than his fraternity. Moloney joined an academic club, but he said didn’t find a “bond” with students until joining his fraternity.          As a part of an organization on campus, Moloney and his brothers learn “how to balance everything” to get their academics completed. They “emphasize time management” to balance schoolwork and planning for the fraternity. “School comes first,” Moloney said, “We emphasize that first.”                Pi Kappa Phi members in “good standing” hold a cumulative GPA of at least 2.7.                    “You’re not going to be well rounded if the only thing you focus on in college is partying,” Moloney said.     

  Costa also emphasized brotherhood, a part of being Greek that Moloney considers the importance. The brothers are working to help each other with their positions.

  “Brotherhood isn’t partying,” Moloney said, “It’s about being together.”    

  Moloney would now say being involved, in organizations and campus, is his comfort zone now. The leadership skills he learned in holding positions in SGA and his fraternity have shown him he does “not need the safety net.”

   “Some people don’t have an image of Greek life on campus,” Moloney said. “We want to get our faces out there.”

   With his fraternity helping to represent SGA, the brothers are hoping to “break stereotypes” and show that Greek life is more than the “social aspect.” Their national vision is to “redefine Fraternity as a lifelong brotherhood.”

   His fraternity also strives to help in collaborating events for their philanthropy. Getting involved with his campus, Moloney and his fraternity brothers fundraise for their philanthropy of Pushing America. Their philanthropy aims to raise awareness of disabilities. In the past, the brothers have helped build handicap rails in houses as needed. This October, the brothers will participate in a wheelchair basketball tournament. The event is being run by Keileh McNaughton, a Delta Alpha Chi member, who has a brother who is handicapped.

  Pi Kappa Phi is working with Interfraternity Council (IFC) in raising awareness of domestic violence on Oct. 23, with an on-campus event, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes. Pi Kappa Phi would like to make SGA related announcements at IFC meetings to reach out to inform the Greek community, as a part of the student body, that students “have a say on this campus.”

  Moloney stresses the importance of SGA, as a student himself, he hears “complaints” that could be addressed. He would like to see more students “hold a position to help” as a senator as “they could have a huge role” in partaking in SGA. Moloney added that he wants to do his part “through my fraternity” to improve the involvement of students on-campus.  

   Pi Kappa Phi seems to be setting a path for other on-campus organizations, as well as a new tradition, by encouraging their members to get involved in at least one other organization. Moloney’s message for students to get involved in their campus, would allow for leadership opportunities and learning experiences. Moloney encouraged his brothers to join SGA, an organization that students can utilize to change and improve their campus and university.              

  “You have a say on this campus,” Moloney said. SGA as a whole board, listens to students, working to improve campus.  

  Currently there are open seats that need to be filled. To see which senate positions are open, visit the website. SGA meetings are open to all on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. in the ballrooms.

Ginger Rae Dunbar is a fifth-year student, majoring in English, with a minor in journalism. She can be reached at

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