Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

To the Editor:


I believe that the article “America the Great” was a bit too biased for the Features section, and would be more appropriate in the editorial section. Not all of us feel that way about the US, and journalism is supposed to be about presenting facts, not opinions (unless it is an editorial).


–Jenn Halligan, student at West Chester University


To the Editor:


Adam Anders’s article, “America the great” makes me wonder what “America” he lives in. In our “great” nation where women still only make 76 cents to every white mans dollar, and where the lesbian and gay community cannot get married. This “great” nation where not everyone has a right to an education; where many people are not truly free and where we do not have universal healthcare. This “free” nation is one in which we owe billions of dollars to other countries and cannot afford to pay our own bills. I’m not saying America is a bad place to live, I’m simply saying there is so much room for improvement. In order to be a “great” and “free” nation we should have equal rights for everyone. I think people need to look around and really see what America is and not live in this idealist world where everyone is happy-go-lucky all the time, that is not real life, that is not America. White privilege, heterosexual privilege, and male privilege are still dominant problems in today’s society. Until we are all equal, no one is really free, and until everyone is free, America is not “great.”


–Rebekah Balmer, student at West Chester University

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