Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

When one reads a book, he or she is rarely moved to begin a life-changing journey, but when a person reads a book that inspires him or her to do something new, then it is a good one.

In Richard Paul Evans’s “The Walk,” the reader is instantly attached to the main character, Alan Christoffersen.     

This man had everything. He owned his own business, and he was madly in love with his wife McKale. He had all that he could ever need or want in his life until one day when tragedy strikes. His wife gets in a horseback riding accident that leaves her paralyzed, and Alan has to leave work to stay by her side and nurse her back to health.

Then, Alan’s partner betrays him, and Alan’s wife suddenly dies from complications. Alan realizes there is no going back; he sells everything, packs up his belongings and begins his life-changing walk from Seattle to Key West with nothing but what he has on his back.  

Evans’s writing style is truly unique. He starts each chapter with a quote that either is taken from Alan Christoffersens’ diary or a famous quote that pertains to the chapter. The fact that he takes parts from Christoffersen’s diary causes the reader to feel an even stronger bond to the main character because it makes it seem like he truly does exist.

However, the one part of the novel that could have been elaborated a little more would have been whether this was an actual person. The reference to the diary makes the reader wonder, but Evans never tells the readers whether or not he actually exists.

It’s a truly inspiring, page-turning journey.

Richard Paul Evans has written seven novels, and this is the first book in “The Walk” series, which  includes “The Walk” and “Miles to Go.”  

 This is a must-read novel that makes readers want to begin a walk of their own.

Jacqueline Valentino is a senior majoring in English with a minor in journalism. She can be reached at

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