It has been a while since Sarah Michelle Gellar has starred in a TV show on the new CW Network. Gellar, most famous for her role as Buffy Summers from the hit TV show, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” is set to star in a new TV show, “Ringer,” which premiered on Tuesday, Sept. 13.

Like the action-packed and fast-paced “Buffy,” Gellar’s new show seems to show the same qualities. “Ringer,” created by Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder, tells the story of twins, Bridget and Siobhan, who are portrayed by Gellar. Siobhan, an ex-stripper and addict, who is on the run after witnessing a crime committed by a member of the mob, makes contact with her twin sister, Bridget, after many years of being separated. Bridget, who is unhappy with her wealthy yet cold-blooded life, commits suicide, leaving Siobhan at the mercy of Bridget’s lifestyle. In desperation, Siobhan forms her own “witness protection program” by posing as her sister, Bridget.

Tuesday’s premiere drew in sad ratings to much surprise. According to The New York Times, Gellar’s Ringer  brought in 2.7 million viewers. As thrilling as it was to watch Siobhan adapt to her sister’s much different lifestyle, audiences just did not seem impressed. It could be that to the Buffy-generation, Gellar will always remain the blonde, vampire-killing, world-saving hero that has inspired research papers, current young adult vampire novels, and even college courses.

 Gellar, who is known to enjoy having control in her roles and life, is co-producing the show. Gellar, who is a mother to a 1-year-old daughter, Charlotte, is even building a family-friendly environment on the set of Ringer.

“My family comes first, and you have to be in charge to be able to protect that. You have to be the one who says no or you don’t have a life, which is what I found out the first time,” Gellar told LA Times writer, Joy Press.

Gellar took time off from show business to spend time with her family.

“Ringer” is the first television series that she has starred in since her hiatus, which began in 2009.

It is still too soon to tell if “Ringer” will be a success for the 34-year-old actress or if it will not be able to compare to the excellent success of “Buffy.”

“Ringer” airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on the CW Network after “90210.”

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