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Relationships are never easy, but putting a significant amount of miles between two people can make things even harder. When distance is a problem it can seem almost impossible to maintain a healthy relationship. Fortunately there are plenty of couples that survive being separated from each other. Actually, these people often have the strongest relationships in the end. There are a few simple tactics for keeping the romance and compassion in a long distance relationship. First it is crucial to make time for the other person. College students always seem to be busy, and it is not easy to fit an extra task into an already packed schedule. A relationship takes commitment and energy, so it is necessary to plan some time to interact with your partner. A half hour or even a few minutes on the phone can be the difference between breaking up and staying connected. It is also a good idea to keep in touch through the computer. Of course this should not take the place of actual conversation, but a nice email can go a long way towards making someone feel appreciated. Next, be honest about your activities and who you are spending time with. If you are hanging out with someone of the same sex, it may be uncomfortable to mention this fact to your partner. Unfortunately it will seem much more suspicious if you are caught in a lie then if you just told the truth from the beginning. Even though your boyfriend or girlfriend may get angry at first, you will not have to worry about them finding out about your activities later on.

The same rules apply for telling your partner where and what you are doing. If you are going to a party, do not lie and say you are studying at the library. This will only cause more trouble if the person finds out where you really are. If someone cares about you enough to be in a relationship, they should understand that it is necessary to maintain a social life as well as a strong commitment to each other.

Two people who are not living in the same area may have trouble understanding each other’s day-to-day activities and challenges. The best way to remain a large part of each other’s lives is to communicate as much as possible on important issues. The more interaction that occurs between two people, the more involved those individuals will feel in each other’s lives. It could be helpful to ask your partner’s advice on a problem you are having or offer to assist them with something that is causing them stress. Also make sure to celebrate each other’s accomplishments even if it means just congratulating the person over the phone. Jealously towards your partner’s life will only undermine the relationship and leave you both feeling disconnected.

If your partner comes to visit, make sure to include them in the activities you are participating in. Do not leave them in your dorm room or apartment while you go out to meet your friends for lunch. Try to introduce your boyfriend or girlfriend to the people you consider important in your life. This way they will not feel that you are trying to hide them from individuals you normally interact with. It will also provide a good reference point for conversations that may center around one or more of these important people.

When long distance partners do get together, it should be rather memorable. If it is possible, plan something that will allow you to spend plenty of time together while also having a great experience. Road trips to the beach or a major city are always fun ways to bond with your partner. If you want to stay local, try going to a restaurant that neither of you has ever tried or visit one of the festivals or landmarks around West Chester. Whatever you choose to do, make it an experience that both of you will remember. Maintaining a long distance relationship is certainly a challenge, but it can be done. Sometimes the distance between two people serves as a great reminder of why they chose to stay together.

The extra effort that goes into preserving this kind of romance is often a foundation that will promote a healthy future together. As the saying goes, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

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