Mon. Mar 20th, 2023

It’s been quite apparent as of late that television has replaced the movie theater by attracting viewers with a wide variety of new, intriguing shows that range from the ridiculously witty, such as “Arrested Development,” all the way to the spine-tingling “Nip/ Tuck.” But the show that surpasses them all, being the most capturing, intense and addictive show of the new fall season would be “Prison Break”, which airs on Fox on Monday nights at 9 PM. If you have never seen or heard of “Prison Break”, this article could be dangerous because your Monday evenings will be completely enveloped in this program. The basic plot is as follows: a young man named Michael Scofield (played by Wentworth Miller) robs a bank as a way to get into prison and break out his brother, Lincoln (played by Dominic Purcell). Lincoln has been put in jail due to a wrongful accusation of murder and has been sentenced to death. An old flame of Lincoln’s, and a member of the police force, Veronica Donivan, is on the case with a lawyer trying to see if they can get Lincoln out of jail, legally. There are many obstacles along the way such as gang fights, suspicions among the guards that Michael is up to something and other inmates wanting in on Michael’s secretive plot to escape.

This far into the season, we’ve seen Michael’s full body tattoo of the blue prints to the prison itself, Michael beginning his escape route through the toilet in his jail cell, his pinky-toe being cut off and about five extremely violent inmate battles. There is still no end in sight as Michael is being ordered by the head-honcho of the prison to be re-located to another prison, which would obviously completely ruin all of his plans. Michael only has about 3 days to escape with his brother and hopefully not get killed in the process.

“Prison Break” is the best drama I have seen in a while. The actors, some of which are notable for having smaller roles on other programs but mostly are new to the tiny T.V. screen, are very believable and passionate. The plot is pretty much unsurpassable in quality- it’s like the “Gilligan’s Island” of jailyou just have to keep watching to see if they’ll ever really get out. I definitely recommend this show to those who love being thrilled, scared or truly engulfed by a television show. The premise is just so intense. For lack of a better clich: it’ll keep you on the edge of your seat! For additional information on the characters and expansion of the plot, message boards and all that jazz, just hop onto www. There you can get all repeat airtimes, character bios and even join the “Prison Break” fan club. Enjoy and hold onto your pinky toes!

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