Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

Sick of the construction outside of Lawrence Hall? Wondering what they are building? All the racket and hard work will bring three places to eat. The new places will be The Diner, Einstein’s Bagels and Megabites.Einstein’s Bagels is a quick and easy choice to grab breakfast at any time during the day. With all the different bagels, sandwiches and coffee it will be a convenient stop to make during a busy day. They will have their famous Schmears as well. There will be no more craving a bagel and waiting in line ata food truck to find they do not serve bagels after a certain time.

The second addition is the late night diner. One thing that West Chester University does not have that most other schools have is a meal plan option for after 11:00 p.m. There will now be a 1950s-style theme diner where students can use their meals to get things like milkshakes and fries. It will be open until the wee hours ofof my meals,” said sophomore Nicole Kemp.

The last thing that will be added to the Lawrence Center will be Megabites. This will be an upscale eatery where students can purchase things like filet mignon or lobster. A cappuccino bar and wireless internet center are also available. This will cost a little more than normal but students can still use flex and meals.

So where did the Freshens smoothie station go? It will be opening soon, along with a new Java City, right out front of Ram’s Head Food Court. Now students will not have to walk all the way to the library for those specially made drinks.

“People who have concerns or ideas about what we eat here on campus should really go to food service meeting and have your comments taken into consideration. The food managers really listen to what you are saying and try and change things that need to be changed and address any issues you have about the food and or food quality here at school,” said sophomore Allison Schmoll.

To find out more about the renovations, students can attend the bi-weekly food service meetings to give their comments. The meetings are every other Tuesday in Lawrence, and food is served.

the morning. “At first I really liked the thought of having a diner being so easily accessible to North Campus residents.

It really seems to be taking a long time for them to make progress on the building, though, and it is a hassle to have to walk all the way around the construction to get into Lawrence. I’m still looking forward to having a diner where I can use my meal plan, that is if it doesn’t use up all

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