Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

West Chester, PA- West Chester Men’s soccer hosted the Bloomsburg Huskies Saturday afternoon and came out victorious, adding yet another shut-put to the 2006 season. Even though the Golden Rams beat Bloomsburg 3-0, the Huskies fought hard all game, but couldn’t close out their attacks with goals. Junior mid-fielder Frank DeMas made his presence felt on the field tallying two of the Golden Rams three goals, and with five shots on goal throughout. The goals came at the end of the first half, setting the Rams up with a more comfortable position for the start of the second.

Team goal leader Mike Prior helped out with an assist, as did Anthony Henry to make the first two goals possible. The goal off of the feed from Henry proved to be the game-winner. Goal number three was scored in the midst of chaos by Dymtro Hnatkowsky and with some help from the Huskies as they knocked he ball into their own net in the 85 minute.

The hard work on the field extended the en’s record to 6-1 overall. Goalies Justin Johnson and Todd Dieter had saves, and Garrett Santoro had two on the day.

All of the saves were key to Saturday’s victory as the unrelenting Bloom Huskies kept making opportunities.

The men’s team fought hard after a seemingly shaky start for the win, letting future opponents know West Chester has one goal in mind: to get to the championship game.

This win sets the team up for a game Monday against the Kutztown Golden Bears at 4 p.m. and then to visit Kutztown Tuesday afternoon.

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