Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

The flickering chandeliers and fluorescent colors of pink and purple illuminated the stage of a sold-out Asplundh Concert Hall last Friday night. Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” echoed among the soft chattering of the audience, immediately captivating the crowd’s attention in anticipation of the night’s spectacle. In an instant, Mike Super, magician and illusionist, entered the stage to a deafening applause. Wasting no time, he began his shocking exhibition at sleight of hand.

His first act was both simple and complex. In his hands, Super held a large notepad and black marker. Without a word, Super used the marker to draw a circle with the words “bowling ball” surrounding it. With a wink to the crowd, Super opened the pad of paper as a 10-pound bowling ball fell to his feet.

This was only the beginning.

Turning to the audience, Super smiled, brightening the auditorium, and those in attendance – children, students and parents – knew it was going to be an exciting night.

“All the magic you see tonight are just that – illusions,” Super said to the silent audience. “Tricks and deception of the eye is what I do. Those of you who have been in a relationship already know what that is like. Magic exists everyday, and you hardly even notice it. Ever pick up the telephone knowing who it is that’s calling? That isn’t magic, it’s caller ID.”

It was more than a magic show filled with smoke and mirrors. It was a night of pure entertainment, leaving the audience wanting more. Super fused his comedic jest, sleight of hand, wit, and talent to create a night full of fun for all viewers.

Even the non-believers found themselves clapping in amazement as Super refilled an empty soda can, levitated a crowd member four feet above the ground and kept the audience laughing.

Super’s most impressive act involved a crumpled piece of paper that he held dancing in the palm of his hand. As the crowd inched to the edge of their seats, Super folded the paper into a rose and made it float above his hand. With his casual smile, Super backed away from the floating object as it appeared to levitate solitarily in mid-air. As if that wasn’t enough, Super lit the paper rose on fire, reached his hand into the flame, and extracted a red rose before the blaze hit the ground.

“It was great,” Victor Millan, a sophomore, said, “I usually don’t believe this sort of thing, but I was definitely impressed.”

Super has toured both the United States and Canada, and returned to the campus of West Chester University for the second time in three years. The Student’s Activity Center officials were so impressed with Super’s first performance, they invited him for an encore.

“We were really excited to get him to come back this year,” said Hillary Gendler, a junior member of SAC. “It was a lot of fun.”

Super has received accolades all over the country, as readers of Communication Arts Magazine awarded him the Best American Entertainer four times in a row. In 2007, Super is slotted to begin a weekly magic series on television.

After the performance, Super did no disappearing act. Instead, he greeted fans at the front of the stage to sign autographs and salute his magic enthusiasts.

It was a night of laughter and amazement that left only one question in the minds of the staggered audience; “How did he do that?

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