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As I am sure everyone has noticed by now, the weather is finally getting warmer.  This means no coats, no hats, no scarves, and for some, no shirts.  Tis the season to lounge around in the Quad, get a tan, play some Frisbee, and watch spray-paint guy work his magic. Yet, all this outdoor activity makes one wonder what goes on behind the scenes and how people are forced contributors to the planet’s global ecosystem. 

The facts about environmental harms are often difficult to find, with many authorities disagreeing; however, people should care about their effects on the environment despite which story they choose to believe.

The global warming/environmentalism debate has been raging for years, especially since Al Gore’s publication of “An Inconvenient Truth.”  Opponents argue back and forth with no clear winner in sight.  Accusations and arguments rain from the right and left, and, quite frankly, the arguments are accomplishing nothing.  

While individuals freely believe whatever they like, the future of the environment depends on people going green.  Certainly there is plenty of substantial information to question the legitimacy of arguments from both sides; however, despite the lack of substantial proof, people should go green simply as a matter of principal.

For better or worse, humans do impact the environment. Debate rages over the extent of that impact and the exact ramifications. However, ignoring the fact that people impact the environment is foolish. Every time people toss something out, take a shower, drive a car, or even just exhale, they change the status quo in the ecosystem. While activists can be fairly certain exhaling does not adversely impact the environment (indeed, there is not much anyone could do about that anyway), the production and excretion of foreign and unusual chemicals do have negative impacts on the environment. The impact is especially large given the sheer volume of carbon monoxide, plastics, and other industrious waste items that have so elevated our standard of living. Nature cannot cope with this foreign matter, and as a result, the ecosystem becomes disrupted. This is why everyone should care about what they do to the planet. Students remember their parents always telling them to clean up after themselves if they make a mess.  The same principle applies here, just on a grander scale.

Turning environmentalism into a political battleground makes this subject touchy for separate individuals. I hope whoever reads this takes up an un-biased viewpoint, and filters out any political propaganda. Looking at this with a political lens will only cloud your judgment.  Keep in mind; I do not wish to see people change their entire lifestyle, I simply wish for people to take a moment to be aware of the consequences of their actions as they will affect us for years to come.  

The question is; are we willing to take a risk and find out what is in store for us if we do not adopt a caring attitude?  Or can we take a few moments out of our day now and manage our lifestyles on an individual basis?   

Adam Farence is a second-year student majoring in history and french. He can be reached at

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