Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Bush as the winner of the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize? I don’t think so.What logic was behind the designation is beyond my imagination. Perhaps I have tunnel vision, but all he has achieved in the past three-and-a-half years is to tear the world apart, especially our own country, more and more as each day passes.

Bush devotes a consequential amount of energy to foreign agendas while snubbing the human rights atrocities that he blatantly is committing right here in America acountry he is supposed to be “running.”

Refusing citizens, who happen to be homosexual, the right to wed is against world peace. He conveyed this same stance and feeble-minded belief in his State of the Union Address, humiliating himself in front of the world.

Prohibiting the choice of partial birth abortion laughs in the faces of all true pro-choice women (and men) who have fought for decades for the option of an abortion, during any phase. Does Bush believe he is God? It seems so. Nobel Peace Prize winners do not manifest this type of ego.

Forcing his way past a UN approval, Bush embarked on an invasion of Iraq last year, swearing on his knowledge of WMD presence in Hussein’s country. Now we know that this argument was false from the very beginning. Are Nobel Peace Prize winners known for their skills to mislead and lie? I don’t think so.

Hundreds of troops continue to lose their lives because of Iraqi insurgence a daily occurrence in this war-torn nation, and a direct consequence of Bush’s premature actions.

Bush can’t even support peace during his own State of the Union Address. Half of Congress–Republicans–applauded his words, while the other half–Democrats–booed his hypo-critical statements.

Peace in America is a rare occurrence these days, due to the depleted state of the economy. Sure, Greenspan says it’s “getting better,” but when decent folk are forced to steal or commit crimes for the sake of survival, that is not at all peaceful.

Geir Lundestad, secretary of the Nobel Peace Prize Awards Committee, said that being proposed for the prize is no distinction in itself; however, it’s clear that numerous people, including myself, find this nomination distinct, humorous, and quite angering.

Lundestad has already received thousands of e-mails protesting the nomination of Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair. The NPPAC doesn’t endorse nominations and declares that, while it’s easy to be nominated, the prize is rather difficult to obtain.

Among Bush and Blair are: Mordechai Vanunu, the jailed Israeli nuclear technician who opposed his country’s nuclear weapons program; French President Jacques Chirac; former United Nations weapons inspectors Hans Blix and Mohamed El Baradei; the European Union; and Pope John Paul II.

The Pope should consider it an extreme insult to be put in the same barrel as Bush. The Pope symbolizes peace; Bush represents an elitist attempting to take over a foreign estate to gain popularity of the majority so he can continue to devastate our nation for four additional godforsaken years.

So who is truly deserving of the nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize an award that includes a $1.4 million cash prize?

Based on her record of giving beyond daytime talk show advice, Oprah Winfrey handed out millions of her own dollars in the form of clothing, toys, school uniforms, baby dolls, sneakers, and food to thousands of South African youth. Her Angel Network assists those truly in need. She is an inspiration to all women of every color, and would certainly get my nomination.

Bush, on the other hand, is no inspiration. He may provide tax rebate checks, but they only benefit the rich–his own people. The rich remain rich, and the poor get even poorer than they already are.

He may promise health care reform, but how many have actually benefitted from or seen substantial progress in this area? I can’t think of one person, certainly not myself.

He claims to care about a child’s education and well-being with his “No Child Left Behind” program, but still a large majority of our nation’s children can’t read or write. Schools can’t afford books or supplies; an example of this is right here in Philadelphia with the corporate takeover of area schools.

Bush is in no way deserving of this prestigious award. He’s not even deserving of the Presidency, as far as Im concerned. Just as John Kerry will oust Bush from his regime in November, so too will a more qualified and deserving candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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